A couple of weeks ago I visited the little Etsy shop fric de mentol.  The shop owner, Ana, a native of Portugal  currently lives there and supports herself through making artwork.   She sells original illustrations, and other gocco screen print pieces. All of the pieces are handmade, one of a kind and from what I can tell are constructed with a great deal of care. Her fascination with portraits, people, and nature is very evident in her work.

I purchased this card above from her shop.  I have found that I need to see the work that I spot on-line in real life, to touch it, to confirm that what speaks to me on the Internet actually speaks to me in person. This is a responsibility I take seriously because people rely on me to have aesthetic certainty.

 Yesterday, I received her package, which included the card I had ordered, and a trove of other darling treasures. She actually created a handmade thank you card, with hand embroidery and personalized lettering.  But wait, there’s more.  She also included a sweet little illustrated bookmark and business card.

Her work is stunning, sweet, and textured with character.  I would venture to guess her heart is quite similar. I feel honored to share her work and recommend it to you.  

Ana is having a spring promotion in her shop through April 10th, buy three gocco prints on paper and receive the 4th free (her choice). 

Here are a few of her current pieces sitting pretty in her shop (not for long, I’d expect).

Oh and please do visit her lovely blog here.   I will be visiting her shop again soon, I am certain.

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  1. Rebecca on March 27, 2009

    Oh I adore those. Anything with paper I’m just beside myself with glee. I have a thing about paper like the first picture. You, I have decided, are a bad influence. I used to be a Etsy addict. Thats right, my name is Rebecca….aka Justaname4me2 on Etsy…..and I am a recovering addict who should not go to etsy and spend gobs of more money~~

    I feel my resolve fading~

  2. fric_de_mentol on March 27, 2009

    I’m so honored, Jana, and truly happy! Thank you for your kind words, for the spotlight and for being a great person! Crossing with lovely people like you makes me go forward! :)

  3. Heather on March 28, 2009

    i have to stay away from etsy. it will totally kill our wedding budget ;) altho, i have been looking at invitations there and have found a lot of adorable ones!


  4. Hijiri on April 2, 2009

    oh wow, these are so cute!!! I’m gonna have to check it out!!

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