A quick pop in to share a very cool art gallery with you.  Hardware, an art gallery in France.   The space reflects warmth and style… a balance of calm with thoughtful use of open, negative (empty) space.  A perfect blend of materials in their use, color, and finish.

The artists represented include Baecile Gabrielle, Berrada Barbara, Thierry attic, Guiome David, The Guy Dish, Saux Daniel, Marsh Christelle, Othon Patrick, and Serc Patrick.  The diversity of artist representation is also quite appealing, with a refreshing take on placing the works.

I found the gallery while visiting this blog.  You can translate her writing into English, but I thought I’d give you an option to explore without the weight of words.  I find myself enjoying that at times. I must tell you, having you here, well, it makes me smile.

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  1. Leigh on March 29, 2009

    Fantastic space!! I want to fly over and visit. I love how at home it feels.


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