This week has been particularly beautiful following our recent bout the rain.  I’ve been taking a few pictures each morning with our lil point and shoot which has been really fun.  Today has been busier than I had expected with client calls, emails, and general admin stuff. I had hoped to feature two artists today but unfortunately I didn’t allocate enough time for that.  I hope to be more on task with the blog but I won’t promise—I hope you know how it is being self employed or the jack of all jills or however the saying goes.  I feel very blessed having connected with so many warm people since I started writing here.  Thank you for making this so fun for me.

This lil friend was kickin it in our driveway when I returned from taking AJ & G to daycare (they would have been so happy to greet her).  She hung out for a while, and I consider myself lucky for it.

Wishing each of you a wondrous weekend filled with all that you wish for and all that you need.

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  1. Rebecca on March 13, 2009

    Well, I’ve never stayed on topic with anything, so don’t look at me. I’m a bad influence. Does it help to know that a bit of randomness is just fine by the majority of us?
    That duck reminds me of spring and I am soooooooooooo (didn’t I mention SOOOOOO) ready for warm and flowers and springs glory?
    You’ve had a busy week, I do understand, I’m a self employed soul myself. I hope you have a great weekend

  2. jana on March 13, 2009


    Oh, thanks for understanding the randomness; that is part of my process, of which I accept well sometimes. Yes, we do have warm weather here, for the moment, so I send it to you, packaged in sweet smelling lavender with a hint of fig. Please do have a great weekend and again, thanks. You make it better to be here.


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