I didn’t realize how much ducks were upon us this week, but I am a believer in going with it, come as it may. This blog is very new, and I decided to just learn as I go, letting my newness be visible.  I have wanted to blog for 2 years now, hesitating for many reasons, don’t know PS, don’t know WP, digi camera challenged, am not a writer.   In the end, this IS the journey, and I am enjoying it.

Oh, yes, back to the topic, I hope you’re cool with bits if unrelated jabber in your reading cuz it’s my nature but I’ll do my best to stay focused.  Recently, a reader was kind enough to send over an inspirational color palette following one of my earlier posts on the subject.  He’s retired, and from the look of things, has a few spare minutes in his days.   He snapped the lil birds from the back deck of the Tahoe house that we all love(d) and miss.  I don’t know if he’s taking new client’s but if you’re interested, send me an email or comment here and I’ll pass the information along to him. From what I gather, he leans toward the deconstructed fowl look.

It’s uncanny how much my duck resembles the female (top duck) in this color palette.  I’m beginning to wonder where these visitors came from… (does Uncle Steve need a little blog love?).

In case you were wondering, I did find the family of my lone subject from Friday’s visitor.  I was relieved to know she wasn’t traveling solo, and I’m noticing her penchant for being photographed, I like that in a girl.

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  1. corine on March 15, 2009

    It must be the season. I think your visitors came to my house last year: http://www.hiddeninfrance.typepad.com/hidden_in_france/2008/03/spring-has-spru.html

    Also, we can trade links whenever you want.

  2. jana on March 15, 2009

    Corine, Thanks for the comment; can’t believe that egg in your post—amazing. Yes, the migrated our way, I suppose. warmest, jana

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