This evening, I came across a French sketch artist, Alexandre Day, whose graphite work on wood is shown here.  His work resonated with me immediately.  Having a lil biscuit and a lil boy G might have a bit to do with it. maybe. well, yes, of course.  He has so many yummy works, with additional gallery links on his blog. I encourage you to take a moment to visit.

The last few weeks have been challenging and tiring; learning a new skill and becoming more visible is hard on this girl.  But, I’m feeling inspired by all of the incredible artisans I have recently discovered and the new connections I am making along the way.  I’m thoroughly enjoying being here, and you, yes you, make it all the more fun, comfy and worthwhile. Comments are always appreciated but visiting silently is no less meaningful to me. really.  

Please visit periwinklebloom, it’s the cool place where I discovered this work, among other stylish, family oriented goodies.

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  1. Marilyn Hood on March 20, 2009

    Annette would love all these blogs you have done of late. Did you email her about these? I think? I will check on address and correct by email if I am wrong.
    Marrass is her aesthetic for sure!
    I love you, M

  2. jana on March 20, 2009


    So glad to see you hear; it is bright when you come by :) I will pass these along to her for sure.

    warmest hugs,


  3. Rebecca on March 21, 2009

    I love the graphite pieces. I have a few artists I collect and can’t imagine my walls without their pictures hanging there. When I draw, it’s always with a simple graphite pencil and composite. Although all the art I’ve collected this far is color, I realize I really need to add this medium to my collection as well. I’ll go check out the blog as soon as I leave here.

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