She came to my studio yesteray. early.  She brought her camera, to shoot photos of the studio.  She offered to do this for me, as a gift…a very special gift.  Her photography, it will be lovely.  Her company, in the studio, was familiar and refreshing.  It has been a while since we connected.  The connection returned with such grace.  Spending time with people I love is important. Finding time or making time is not easy for me.  The best things don’t always come easy, so remind me, will you?  Remind me to make time for you.

Her photos, pretty, thoughtful, a delicate balance vivid color with unexpected hits of rich, deep neutrals. Feeling blessed?  I am clearly blessed.

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  1. Rebecca on March 21, 2009

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time together. So, do we get to see these pictures of the studio at some point in time? It’s the curious cat in me~

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