I have to run out for a client consult, but wanted to post a lil somethin special.  Our girl took her first ballet class yesterday.  Mommy was completely misty, snapping pics the entire time.  I had fun playing with a new faux polaroid toy found here.  I have seen this talked about on other blogs, but saw it again today via myturtleneck.  This lil biscuit (and her brother) warm my heart, add color and texture to my world beyond what I could have ever imagined, yep, it’s better than that.

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  1. shannon on March 3, 2009

    completely adorable! seriously, i gasped when i saw these. you are such a good mommy! she is real luck to have you, and you her i’m sure.

  2. shannon on March 3, 2009

    oh and i might have to download the polaroid application! :-)!

  3. jana on March 3, 2009

    Shannon, Thank you so much for commenting; yes, it was so fun seeing her discover this new adventure. I’ll tell you more when we meet. warmest hugs, jana

  4. Rebecca on March 3, 2009

    Ok, I subcribed to your blog so I won’t be missing any more entries. Those pictures are fantastic. I would have sworn they were many years old….i.e. the way pictures of me look when I was a teenie tot. I’ll have to check out that polaroid application. I adore that she’s wearing wings. My youngest daughter wore wings for a really long time when she was little (she’s 13 now) Seeing your pictures brings back some really sentimental memories for me (especially since my eldest went all 17 and OLDER on me today) Thank you, I’m so glad we connected.

  5. jana on March 3, 2009


    Thank you; it’s so funny; I am a complete airhead at times; I got the Ellen video from your blog and I just commented tonite again and forgot about that (I did give your blog credit; good blog girl). I am so excited to have you here and yes, I’ll be reading—you are good good good funny. Any girl that cusses a bit, is real and warm, is worth getting to know better—reveal.

  6. Pam on March 5, 2009

    You know I have to comment on this blog. What a sweet lil’girl! She is a precious being & you’ve nurtured her to be her & already a strong spirit. I can’t wait to see her first recital. Just can imagine G wanting to join in !!! Great blogs you are very blessed with expression & determination to keep the project moving forward. Just remember its the journey that counts & those who strive for enrichment & fulfillment never reach the finish as there are many detours & alternative paths than the one started on.

  7. jana on March 6, 2009


    Thanks for the sweet words; I get to hear your thoughts and support outside of this forum, but I appreciate it here. AJ couldn’t understand why I forgot to bring her crown to wear? I didn’t even bring G because there is absolutely no way he could have kept from dancing with those girls :) It is good for her to have some separateness. I will tell ya when I told her he wasn’t taking the class too she said, “but mom, he’s my prince.”

    Thanks for the support on this blog/studio journey—oh, and can I ask, What are my hours again? hugs, jana

  8. Marilyn Hood on March 7, 2009

    Wow–now that is an adorable set of pics of my granddaughter. Cannot wait to see her dance in person and you were smart not to take G. He would have tried to steal the show from those darling girls!!!

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