crisp. simple. thoughtful palette.

natural. traditional. mature.

rich. rejuvinating. nestled. warm palette.

romantic. crickets. manicured. protected.

organic. neutral. cozy. tone on tone.

masculine. sleek. scale. geometrically sexy.

raw, tactile. smart. cocoa.

private. cocoon. international. shelter.

expanse. open plane. precision. graceful. decadent.

draped. thirsty. communal.

stamped. thoughtful. enveloped. groves.


My children’s favorite place to be. autside mommy.  beauty. energy. spirituality. stylish expression.  Where is your favorite outdoor space?


all images via Marie Claire Maison

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Today I’m featuring the work of Italian photographer and photo stylist Vanessa Levis.  The composition. the lighting. Inspiring, yes.  I combined images that seem to pair well, that had a commonality somehow.

comfortable. calm. sunlit.

longevity. balance. unexpected goodness. 

crisp. weathered. snap fresh.

vintage. reminiscent. memory ridden.

retro. stylish. well composed.

Please share any thoughts.  Thank you for being here.

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sexy lines. perfect movement. quiet, balanced color palette.

vintage. cozy. worn in. lovey.

rustic. handmade. warm. textural.

cool. crisp. delicate. paired. whistle thin.

quiet. thinking. tone on tone. raw. rural.

wise. vivid. childlike. proven. safe

classic. sign of spring. sun drenched richness.


Bea’s work, everything about it. amazing. soft. feminine. expressive. evocative. Where do you go for visual poetry?  I’d love to know.

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I am a firm believer in designing rooms for clients that speak to who you are and how you live, not who I am and what my taste is.  I take this aspect of my role as your designer seriously.  It’s important that I become familiar with your taste, color and style preferences.  During initial consults, client’s often say things, like, ‘oh, I don’t know what I like, you just do it.’  I do not buy into that notion.  

My experience has shown me that client’s DO know what they like, although they might not be able to describe their look, or feel confident about it.  The other thing that I have found is that client’s are far more satisfied with the results of our work together when the space speaks to the best of who they are.  

This, my friends, is one of the most rewarding aspects of the work that I do.  I consider myself an intuitive person, committed to tuning into how you interpret general design elements, color, materials, lighting and the use of space.  Good designers nail the look of their client’s, respecting their physiology, energy, functional needs…their take on the world.  

I also feel that the bones of a space, it’s lines, footprint, architecture, indigenous landscape, speak to me.  I try to listen, respecting what they have to say.  

I give my clients homework before developing their design concept.  The exercise?  Select visuals that express the feeling you would like to have within your space.  Trickled throughout this post are examples of visuals that illustrate design preferences.  

I am open to any image; it’s not limited to specific examples of the spaces we’ll be working in.  I can interpret the intention with a bit of dialogue.  

If I skip this simple step, (which I recently did on a project), I can miss the mark of your personal expression/preferences and it takes me longer to ‘get you.’  

When all is said and done, YOUR experience in the space is the most important measurement of my success in serving your design needs.

all images c/o:  Gitte Andersen (discovered via desiretoinspire).

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Victoria, a self portrait (with a lovely backdrop)

I just had to pop in and share about an art exhibit opening tonight for our lovely local, Victoria, of sfgirlbybay.  She is featuring her works from the Sunday in the City series featured initially on her blog. The opening will be held at the Curiosity Shoppe tonight between 6-8pm; here are the details:

The Curiosity Shoppe
Sunday in the City – April 23, 6-8pm
855 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA. 94110

If you cannot make it to the opening, the exhibit will be running through Sunday, May 24.

Here is a tasted of her Sunday in the City series, which I shared with you before.

I am heading into the city a bit later to meet with a client, and then my mom and I are planning to stop by and support Victoria.  Have a great day!!

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Toyland!   Toyland!   Dear little girl and boyland; While you dream within it you are ever happy there. Childhood’s joyland, Mystical merry Toyland!   Once you find its borders You can always return again.  

Glen MacDonough

I wanted to pop in and say hello.  The weather is warm and clear in the bay area.  Life has settled down a bit, but realistically, scattered I’ll be until I am not.  Making friends with that fact is my ongoing challenge.

Please pop over for some Wednesday Wisdom from That Unreliable Girl, a blog I have fallen in love with. Frankly, I have never found her to be the least bit unreliable. She’s just dazzling good fun and warm hearted too.

My mom is coming to visit for a few days.  AJ and G were cheering this morning for their Nana is coming to play.

Be well.

image via:  flickr dawnzy58; click image for link

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Rested.  Working on a client presentation.  Thank you for the kind words, support, humor, virtual hugs. Mostly though, I appreciate you being here.  It makes it so much cozier.  really.  

image by:  jana during my respite this weekend

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The last two weeks have been very hard. a heavy heart for fellow parents whose baby was taken too soon. sick babies. angry clients. money worries. big girl decisions about small paws that Loved her. loved her thru the full and the fogged in moons.  sick babies again. sick mommy and daddy. can’t breathe. can’t rest. thin patience. weak spirit.  awareness peaks through. truth arises.  sharing ensues. truth conveyed to two who know and love me. i confess. i have been beyond my limit for days now. drowning in a sea of people laughing and playing in the waves around me.  notice my hands, cuz i’m silent you see. 

rest will come.  Love allows it.  you drew in the sand around my soul as you aided me out of rough currents. i am blessed.  friends who fold my truth in their hands. gentle. attentive. the years of knowing them makes this so.


image Quicksand, via leipiaf.geo flickr.

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AJ and G are home with me today; our daycare provider is on the outs.  This morning Arlise told me I was boring, gotta love her honesty.  As I was putting her down for her nap, she said she wanted to stay home everyday, so I asked, ‘but I thought i was boring’, she said, ‘you were mommy, but you aren’t now.’ Imagine my relief. I mean really, say what you will, but boring, please please no, not boring.  

I’m trying to carve out time for more substantive, fun, creative posts here, but that time continues to elude me this week.  I’m working on a fun new client so I will plan to share more about that as things progress. Happy sunshine to you.

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Everyone has been sick in our household.  It started last week with ear infections and turned into a huge run with the stomach flu…it was fast and furious and we all got sick.  G and AJ are doing much better.  Tay came for Easter and ended up catching it.  

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this sick. Boyfriend (my husband) even went down for the count and he NEVER gets sick.   

I hope everyone is doing well, and I promise to be back soon to resume sharing with you.


photo via flak photo.

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