AJ and G are home with me today; our daycare provider is on the outs.  This morning Arlise told me I was boring, gotta love her honesty.  As I was putting her down for her nap, she said she wanted to stay home everyday, so I asked, ‘but I thought i was boring’, she said, ‘you were mommy, but you aren’t now.’ Imagine my relief. I mean really, say what you will, but boring, please please no, not boring.  

I’m trying to carve out time for more substantive, fun, creative posts here, but that time continues to elude me this week.  I’m working on a fun new client so I will plan to share more about that as things progress. Happy sunshine to you.

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  1. Ang on April 19, 2009

    your children are absolutely precious. And Arlise is such a beautiful name. My first daughter’s name is Elise. :)I hope you enjoyed your day with the kids. I know I enjoy everyday with my two girls.

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