I had planned to do an entire post showing before, during and after photos of the studio, which I will do at some point.  For today, I will show just a few of the photos shot by the lovely shannonkelli.

The design studio, a small space in downtown Walnut Creek, CA featuring a selection of furnishings, lighting, area rugs and accessories.  I also offer full scope interior design services in both residential and commercial venues throughout the bay area.

The majority of product featured in the studio is for sale, with a few exceptions on heirloom pieces or items I hold dear to my heart.

 The selection includes a combination of new, vintage as is, and vintage refurbished items.  All refurbishments were performed by professionals (wood refinishing, lacquer and upholstery).  For further inquiry, please comment below feel free to contact me directly via email.

As always, it is a pleasure having you here.  This has been a fairly rough week on a variety of fronts; your presence in my life has made it lighter and brighter…..and for that, I am very grateful.

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I found this movie trailer for the 500 Days of Summer via the lovely Melissa’s Operation Nice. This trailer made me smile today.  The cinematography, the lighting….it’s seems like a perfect escape.  The movie comes out this summer, so stay tuned.  The tone of this trailer reminded me of one of my all time favorite movies, so I thought I’d share that clip with you as well.

 I continue to remember this film for so many reasons.  The script, the actors and the story line were all memorable and moving.  The set backdrop in so many scenes still lingers in my mind, for my love of all things vintage and immaculate color balance.  If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it.


pssst:  Tony and I have been known to refer to G as Nancy after his 50th emotional expression of the day—no, not to his face, silly.  If you judged me, we’ll know it and be dropping him off to stay the weekend.  You will then qualify to evaluate us :)

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April 16, 1993 – April 8, 2009

She brought immeasurable joy and comfort to my life.  Today she rests.  Her last few years were laced with less activity, but her spirit maintained that spark you see in her as a puppy.  Her uniqueness will forever be etched on my soul. (she is now reunited with her sweet silly sister, Nikki).  


Pains of love be sweeter far than all other pleasures are            John Dryden


p.s.  Please take a moment to support the cause that took precious Maddie’s life much too soon.

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AJ is doing well.  She has an ear infection.  G thought we were going to see Dr. Seuss; he was very excited and I played along, until his sister told him Dr Seuss was a cat.  They love the fish tank in the waiting room…AJ told G that Nemo and his dad were there.  

When I stop and take in their preciousness, I am amazed at the blessings I have been given.  The daily grind of ‘doing’ sometimes blocks my view of the gifts that each day holds for me.  If I remember to take in each moment, each baby phrase, with an quiet, open heart, I am aware of God’s grace.

‘We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.’  The Talmud

photo by:  jana

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Here is a taste of the studio, via shannonkelli’s wonderful eye on the camera.  Please take a walk over to her photostream, she is incredibly talented.  She shot photos (twice I might ad), as a friend, as a gift.  I feel like one very lucky girl.  Pssst, we had a really fun time as well….it was one of those precious reconnection opportunities.

I have two lil sick babies this morning.  We’re headed into the doctor as AJ is saying that her ears really hurt.   I look forward to returning here….to show you more visuals.  I compiled a few of the before shots last nite…it really is amazing how much of a dirty boy gun shop the space once was.

Thank you for stopping by.  I really do enjoy you.

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On the heels of hearing that some reader’s prefer simple, subtle black and white images and tone on tone colors, I thought I’d share the work of photographer  Adrian Briscoe, care of Sarah Kaye Representation. This selection is a small representation of his work, focused primarily on simple, yet stunningly rich images.

So quiet, sexy and delicate

Linear, still rich, but with a bit of masculinity

Stylish, organic, with rumpled goodness (cords exposed).  I LOVE the weathered concrete and painted pipes.

Texture, metallic materials and hues, smoking pretty

Vertical orientation, quiet color palette, perfect balance of light, touch of feathery texture

Materials juxtaposed, worn wood, porcelain, mossy branches…a magical use of shadows

So drawn to the minimal, the mastery of texture, muddy hues, sexy lines, the back wall on top photo is nothing short of spectacular for the vignette

Simple goodness, texture, symmetry, tone on tone, all against a quiet backdrop

This space calms my soul, don’t mind if I do have a seat, and stay for awhile.  I promise to be quiet.

This site was found via a yellow house by the sea

Happy Weekend to all of you.  Sending smiles, warmth and self acceptance (I need the last one at this very moment).

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Who names their blog Rooted in Style?…it seems like a blog about style, of things rooted, or plantings, maybe?… or old school funky math?  This week has been liquid on posts about style, about design talent. I had a few things planned to share with you but honestly, my design commitments and administrative challenges kept me from getting to that.  Oh and before I forget, about that ‘studio’ I’ve mentioned, ahem, yes, oh yes, it isn’t an imaginary studio, it’s real, and I do intend to make it’s presence known here. soon.

For today, it’s about G.   Here’s to our G, he’s all personality, all of the time.  

He’s starting to focus…

Oh, now you’re talkin…

I’m on it…I do it, myseff

It’s gettin fun, yep, I yike this

Aww, I got it!!

No, I’m not letting go, not letting go of…

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  I might be back to post something before day’s end.  I promise to devote more time next week to substantive design material.  Otherwise the domain name police might yank my URL claiming fraudulent usage.  These two, they lace my world with divinity.

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This week has been chalk full of design work, which is really good for my soul.  I haven’t had a chance to post any of the ideas that are jotted down neatly in my mind, which by the way, is a very orderly place……… April fools (better late than never).  I found myself wanting to be here nonetheless. Here a little photo I took on my walk back from a design consult in the city.  I love the look of the old, especially when it’s well preserved, made with leather and metal.  Oh, and anything with a basket deserves a second glance. I adore teal and burnt orange in combination, and the polished chrome frame adorns these colors well. This lil guy resting against the warm copper seemed to have a story to tell, a story I wanted to hear.

I’d love to hear what you are drawn to? Please share, if you are so inclined.  It really does brighten my day to have you share with me…here.

image by:  jana

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