The last two weeks have been very hard. a heavy heart for fellow parents whose baby was taken too soon. sick babies. angry clients. money worries. big girl decisions about small paws that Loved her. loved her thru the full and the fogged in moons.  sick babies again. sick mommy and daddy. can’t breathe. can’t rest. thin patience. weak spirit.  awareness peaks through. truth arises.  sharing ensues. truth conveyed to two who know and love me. i confess. i have been beyond my limit for days now. drowning in a sea of people laughing and playing in the waves around me.  notice my hands, cuz i’m silent you see. 

rest will come.  Love allows it.  you drew in the sand around my soul as you aided me out of rough currents. i am blessed.  friends who fold my truth in their hands. gentle. attentive. the years of knowing them makes this so.


image Quicksand, via leipiaf.geo flickr.

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12 Comments so far

  1. c on April 17, 2009

    Sorry to hear about your four pawed friend. I know how hard that is. December was rough for me. Time will heal.

  2. fric_de_mentol on April 18, 2009

    Wishing you bright and energy for this weekend!*

  3. jana on April 18, 2009

    C, and Ana,

    Thanks for the support and kind words.

  4. Rebecca on April 18, 2009

    Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you. Enjoy your weekend, relax, think, breath, sleep in, take a nap, read, take a walk. And then you’ll be recharged and ready to go all over again.
    Your in my thoughts,

  5. Heather on April 18, 2009

    i know you’re enjoying your night tonight. YOU DESERVE IT. enjoy your time for you. re-charge and feel rested, my friend.

  6. jana on April 18, 2009

    Rebecca and Heather, having both of you here, makes this lil place a lot warmer. Feel it?

  7. Hijiri on April 19, 2009

    I am so sorry, Jana… that must have been hard… my thoughts are with you and your family.

  8. flax and spindle on April 19, 2009

    Oh…*hugs* my friend….

  9. Lisa on April 20, 2009

    I believe that hard times, suck as they do, give you a resilience and also a ridiculous appreciation for when things are good. This too shall pass and know that nothing but goodness lies ahead. Hugs….

  10. Double Agent Girl on April 20, 2009

    Rest. Breathe. Peace will come.

  11. corine on April 20, 2009

    Beautiful image. Sad but beautiful words.

  12. Laurel on April 26, 2009

    Oh Jana- I am loving reading your beautiful words. Wow you are a brilliant and honest girl. How cool- I am so sorry about sweet puppy. A weird tale- I actually had a dream about your dogs last week. Don’t know where it came from and I fool you not. So strange I wonder if it coincided with her passing-to scary to think about. I stopped at this page but looked at a lot of your posts-again you are a gifted writer with an eye for beauty. I am so excited for all you are doing with your sweet life. Your work is so important. Love and HUGE hugs to you sweet girl. So proud of you!

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