On the heels of hearing that some reader’s prefer simple, subtle black and white images and tone on tone colors, I thought I’d share the work of photographer  Adrian Briscoe, care of Sarah Kaye Representation. This selection is a small representation of his work, focused primarily on simple, yet stunningly rich images.

So quiet, sexy and delicate

Linear, still rich, but with a bit of masculinity

Stylish, organic, with rumpled goodness (cords exposed).  I LOVE the weathered concrete and painted pipes.

Texture, metallic materials and hues, smoking pretty

Vertical orientation, quiet color palette, perfect balance of light, touch of feathery texture

Materials juxtaposed, worn wood, porcelain, mossy branches…a magical use of shadows

So drawn to the minimal, the mastery of texture, muddy hues, sexy lines, the back wall on top photo is nothing short of spectacular for the vignette

Simple goodness, texture, symmetry, tone on tone, all against a quiet backdrop

This space calms my soul, don’t mind if I do have a seat, and stay for awhile.  I promise to be quiet.

This site was found via a yellow house by the sea

Happy Weekend to all of you.  Sending smiles, warmth and self acceptance (I need the last one at this very moment).

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4 Comments so far

  1. Chris on April 3, 2009

    Lovely photographs! Thanks for sharing.
    I so want to join you in the outdoor space! :) gorgeous


  2. Heather on April 3, 2009

    Oh, THANK YOU! Those are FANTASTIC.

    You are such a wonderful friend, Jana. Thank you again! I love, love, LOVE the first one, it’s so classic. Gorgeous, really!


  3. MsUnreliable on April 4, 2009

    Ahh these are all so gorgeous! That last photo…oh my! Forget being quiet, let’s crack out the sangria and enjoy that sunshine and the stunning surrounds!

  4. Rebecca on April 4, 2009

    Yes. Sure. Oh ya. Yup.
    Can I have a room like all of them? I loved these pictures and I want a huge industrial sized writing room like the one with the lounge chair. Someday, I’m going to claim a room in my own home and come back here for inspiration and give it a black and white make-over. And then, ban any other soul from entering my sanctuary.

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