Who names their blog Rooted in Style?…it seems like a blog about style, of things rooted, or plantings, maybe?… or old school funky math?  This week has been liquid on posts about style, about design talent. I had a few things planned to share with you but honestly, my design commitments and administrative challenges kept me from getting to that.  Oh and before I forget, about that ‘studio’ I’ve mentioned, ahem, yes, oh yes, it isn’t an imaginary studio, it’s real, and I do intend to make it’s presence known here. soon.

For today, it’s about G.   Here’s to our G, he’s all personality, all of the time.  

He’s starting to focus…

Oh, now you’re talkin…

I’m on it…I do it, myseff

It’s gettin fun, yep, I yike this

Aww, I got it!!

No, I’m not letting go, not letting go of…

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  I might be back to post something before day’s end.  I promise to devote more time next week to substantive design material.  Otherwise the domain name police might yank my URL claiming fraudulent usage.  These two, they lace my world with divinity.

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  1. Rebecca on April 4, 2009

    I love these! You have little ones…..how I miss little ones. It’s hard to walk up to a teenager and ask if I can chew on a delicious cheek. I wouldn’t worry about the URL police busting you. I adore the delightful surprises I get when I come here. No matter what you’re talking about I always enjoy myself.

  2. Marilyn Hood on April 7, 2009

    What great pics of G and cute one of AJ too. So sorry they aren’t feeling good. Hope they are better by Easter.
    We love you and I look forward to seeing you in couple weeks. Don’t work too hard!

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