To free us from the expectation of others, to give us back to ourselves….there lies the great singular power of self respect.                                                                                                                 Joan Didion


I am heading down south tomorrow for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.  They are renewing their vows.  The ceremony and celebration is going to be held at their home, with the ceremony in their yard. Their home is 5 doors down from the beach; it is so lovely there.  We are all excited.  We haven’t even told AJ & G yet because they get so excited they do not sleep well…it’s cute in commercials people, but a bit draining in real life :)

I have a lot of open items in my life, primarily as it relates to my business.  There are a variety of reasons and many of them are valid…you do not have to go too far to hear the news of the economy and have people tell you what a hard time it is for opening a new business.  Guess what, I expanded a business in the last year, so now, it’s time to move into that space (figuratively) and claim it.  I was realizing even more today that I am experiencing a lack of faith.  It’s one thing to believe in God, which I do, but quite another to trust him…I mean REALLY trust him.

I want to be free, to try some new things on and to share my little slice of the pie. I want to do so many things creatively….it seems the days run short and my ideas stay locked away more than I would wish. One idea a week, that is where I will start.

pssst:  I do plan to open an etsy shop for my vintage wares….I have some really pretty, stylish things, in my mind’s eye.  There, I said it; one of my ideas :)

Peace, joy and creativity to you.  Thank you kindly for being here.


image via Pavel Horák’s photostream on flickr.  He is a very talented photographer, and you can see more of his work here.

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5 Comments so far

  1. junie on May 29, 2009

    Hi Jana,
    I took a peek at your shop-great stuff. You should definately open an etsy shop. If you want pointers or have questions before you do I would be glad to help. I’d love to see your vintage goodies there. Love the moody picture above.
    Btw I see it was your birthday- Happy Birthday to you. Have a safe trip! Come visit me when you get back.


  2. laurel on May 29, 2009

    I am at a bit of a crossroads myself these days- changes are always a good thing-scary but good. I look forward to Vintage and no doubt will be in soon to check out your wares in live time:) Seen some on Flickr -absolutely Fab. Happy 50 to your Mom and Pop! Hope to hit that milestone myself- @ 88 :) You are cool girl.

  3. Heather on May 29, 2009

    the photo and the quote are INCREDIBLE, jana, it really took my breath away.

    i hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Flax and Spindle on June 4, 2009

    Trusting God seems difficult but I think it has quite a bit to do with letting go of our own control and need to have the steering wheel. Pray for the ability to release the reins, we’re really not in control anyway.:)

    Happy anniversary to your parents, renewing their vows? How awesome! sounds like it will be a wonderful time. Enjoy girl.


  5. Mallory on June 6, 2009

    You always blow my mind with the amazing things that you’re up to and I feel so blessed to know you and share time with your creativity, support, and genuine self. You are amazing and you will make all your dreams come true. You can do it all. I believe in you completely.

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