rediscovered this today via my flickr favorites.  it illustrates my wish for each of us, individually and collectively.  there is a lot of bad news right now.  we are in an new, unknown and sometimes scary time on so many levels.  i wish for an added measure of compassion, many people are suffering.  i know it’s not happy chat, positive verbage, inspiring footage; but it is real.  sometimes it feels like i am walking in a sea of people whose channels are really only clear when the topic is light and the mood is easy. this might be completely my stuff, and if so, i’ll figure that out. 

we can all add a bit to those around us by noticing, listening, responding and caring.

a person in my life is losing her home. she works out of her house, so she’s also losing her business, her livelihood.  she has no place to stay.  it is devastating. we are considering our home, but we have a full load in a small space. i’ve felt my share of the stresses of late; it’s hard to expand a business in the best of times, but when times get lean, it all falls on your shoulders and frankly, i am not very good at asking for help.  in the grand scheme of things, i haven’t experienced what many are going through .  wishing for lighter times, more resources, open and responsive hearts.

sending answers, peace and goodness to each and to all.


image from my flickr favorites, the lovely lepiaf.geo’s photostream.

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  1. laurel on May 21, 2009

    Your clear channel reference has such a great message- I know that there is no harsher feeling then walking with a heavy heart through a sea of the half hearted. This comes from a pretty sunny girl but I been cloudy with the best of them.
    It gets might even get worse but then it’ll get better. That I am certain of. Hugs and a handhold.

  2. jana on May 21, 2009

    thanks sweet Laurel; yep, you are a sunny gal, but you have a nice gritty twist :)

  3. laurel on May 22, 2009

    The gritty girl wanted to say walking with a heavy heart through a sea of the half-witted:)

  4. AffirmingSpirit on May 22, 2009

    When we observe the creation of another that is something we don’t want to experience (i.e.,losing home or livelihood), it’s easy to get sucked into imagining *as IF* it was happening to us. Then, we start feeling guilty for what we have, and our emotions spiral downward along with the thoughts. At that point, we’re of no help to the one who was originally affected—and especially of no help ourselves.

    Looking back over my life, every single hardship has proved in time to be an equally powerful blessing: Forcing me to do things or take actions I might not have taken otherwise. So now, when observing others in hardship, I ponder what blessings are headed their way. This keeps me out of the muck so I can still be of assistance to myself and them. If I know them personally, I’ll ask them what blessings they see in the situation and get them talking about/focusing on *that*.

    A funny thing happens: As they begin to focus more on the blessings, the hardship dissolves and the blessing carries them forward.

    Many blessings,

  5. junie on May 22, 2009

    The dove image is so awesome. Love your heartfelt post you are a sweet and compassionate person. Let’s hope better times are ahead for all.

  6. jana on May 22, 2009

    Laurel, your wit is darling.

    Nancy, thank you for your wisdom and insight; that is a great perspective. I know for me it has always bee darkest before the dawn.

    Junie, so nice seeing you here; I’m with you with the better times ahead for all. hugs

  7. Rebecca on May 26, 2009

    Jana, my thoughts are with you and with your friend. I think people tend to lean right…..when everything left is falling apart. Self preservation mode. But you’re right,it’s nice sometimes to just acknowledge the dark right along with the light.

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