love this; she’s a new friend, we are unravelling together.  for my birthday, i thought i’d pick something i’d love to wear, to inspire me; this wins.  her photostream is here, and her sweet etsy shop, bella wish can be found here.  she’s lovely. dreams are so so important; having, believing, and remembering this today.

have a great day :)  sending you smiles, warmth and inspiration

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  1. Flax and spindle on May 27, 2009

    Happy Birthday Girl!! Many happy returns!!!


  2. laurel on May 27, 2009

    Happy B’ day girlins- I know you celebrated also the 11th – Congrats on all fronts
    xo- Laurel

  3. Sylvia on May 27, 2009

    Happy Birthday Jana!!! Wishing you to unlock ALL your dreams :)

  4. jana on May 27, 2009

    thank you Darlene, Laurel and Sylvia :) Your warm birthday wishes bring me joy. Here’s to your dreams too :)

  5. stacyd on May 27, 2009

    Happy Birthday, Jana! Here’s to unlocking your dream. xo

  6. stacyd on May 27, 2009

    p.s. thank you so much for letting my necklaces be part of your birthday wish. i am honored.

  7. Rachel B. on May 28, 2009

    I’m a day late- but Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a great one!

  8. Heather on May 28, 2009

    happy birthday, my friend.

    you are light in my life that i am so blessed to have.

    many hugs and kisses,

  9. junie on May 29, 2009

    Happy birthday Jana. The necklace is gorgeous. I love it! I know you’ll wear it with style!

  10. jana on May 29, 2009

    Thank you for my birthday wishes :)

    it’s a pleasure to show Stacy’s work.

    Heather, you are darling and it’s your birthday today, :)

    Rachel and Junie, such a pleasure getting to know you both :)

    I am blessed.

  11. corine on June 3, 2009

    I missed it… :-(

    Happy belated birthday to you. may hall your wishes come true this year.

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