Taylor Nicole ‘tay’

Arlise Joelle ‘aj’

Guthrie Michael ‘g’

compassion. wisdom. patience and strength. stories and laughter and books at great length.  see i knew i was lucky to just have my mom.  but then i got married and another mom (in-law) came along.  his warm family welcomed me into the fold. tay was lil then, somewhat bashful, yet bold. i always stayed close to my family as well.  thought i was grateful, aware of my blessings. little did i know of the future and lessons.

life grew even richer with aj & g. now i know more deeply what mothering means. and i am still new, still learning, still green.  but nana and grammy they help me so much. with words and with wisdom with support and their love.  but what matters more and what makes me so blessed? the way they love our children, it’s precious, the best!  their love is different, less rules, and more sweets. it’s as it should, you see, grandmas are treats. our children are fortunate today as i write. i want you to know that my heart sings at night. for i know our children are so very loved. by nana and grammy, both wise and still young. relatively speaking as i’m sure you all know. for tay, aj & g have a lifetime to go.  but their lives have richness, great color…a spark. it’s grammy and nana like a day at the park.  i take this moment to send you huge hugs, to remind you of how lucky we feel for your love.  each memory is stamped on our hearts and our minds. we hope to pass on this love in kind. 

photos by:  jana

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  1. MsUnreliable on May 8, 2009

    My mother worked part time while I was growing up, so I spent a fair amount of my childhood at my Grandma and Nana’s houses…and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Nana taught me how to garden and how to make killer pumpkin scones, and Grandma taught me how to read, write and count to 100 (unbeknownst to my mother at the time…I was only 4!) I never knew how lucky I was to spend so much time with them both, but now that they’re gone I cherish that time more than ever.

  2. Lori Hahn on May 9, 2009

    your children are beautiful – great pics – happy mother’s day, jana!

  3. Bridgett on May 11, 2009

    Thank you for your post on my blog. I just fell in love with your style and eye for design. This is certainly my new eye candy.

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