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compassion. wisdom. patience and strength. stories and laughter and books at great length.  see i knew i was lucky to just have my mom.  but then i got married and another mom (in-law) came along.  his warm family welcomed me into the fold. tay was lil then, somewhat bashful, yet bold. i always stayed close to my family as well.  thought i was grateful, aware of my blessings. little did i know of the future and lessons.

life grew even richer with aj & g. now i know more deeply what mothering means. and i am still new, still learning, still green.  but nana and grammy they help me so much. with words and with wisdom with support and their love.  but what matters more and what makes me so blessed? the way they love our children, it’s precious, the best!  their love is different, less rules, and more sweets. it’s as it should, you see, grandmas are treats. our children are fortunate today as i write. i want you to know that my heart sings at night. for i know our children are so very loved. by nana and grammy, both wise and still young. relatively speaking as i’m sure you all know. for tay, aj & g have a lifetime to go.  but their lives have richness, great color…a spark. it’s grammy and nana like a day at the park.  i take this moment to send you huge hugs, to remind you of how lucky we feel for your love.  each memory is stamped on our hearts and our minds. we hope to pass on this love in kind. 

photos by:  jana

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life can be stressful.  news is sometimes hard to listen to. there’s work, there’s safety, there is so many things for big people to worry about, fight about, fight for, get preoccupied with. i’m committed to being a good mommy, and by that I mean, being present for their perspective, taking in their world view.  making time for play….laughter and lightness. affirm in them their utter preciousness. big people worries sometimes challenge my skillset. 

Life is playfulness….we need to play so that we can rediscover the magic all around us                                                                                                                                                         Flora Colao

picture via today’s flak photo it’s the freckles, the cool textured nature of the shot, and the innocence of their illustrative boyish energy, seems pure, which I long to protect (new mommy dreams, ok).    

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Grace Chon, the name behind the lovely pet photography studio, Shine Pet Photos does rockin cool pet photography of the incredibly stylish variety.  Found her via one of my new hangouts, twitter.  I’m not sure exactly how I found her but I think it was via a follow Friday shout out, which is when people suggest fellow tweeters for you to follow (read their updates) based on some commonality (profession, personality, interests, lifestyle).

I was hesitant, no offense to pet photographers, but when I saw pet in her twitter name @ShinePetPhotos, I thought, hmmm, probably not the type of photography that I’m drawn to.  I have learned to check things out regardless of first instinct, and sure enough, I was blown away by her jaw dropping take on our four pawed pals and their owners.

Each photo is unique.  Grace describes her process best on her website by saying, “If you like studio lights and fake backdrops, I’m not the photographer for you.  I aim to capture your pet in their natural environment, in gorgeous natural light, doing their favorite things.”  

I think her take on capturing our pets is nothing short of brilliant.  Grace is a multi-talented busy lady. She also serves as an art director for an award winning ad agency in Los Angeles.

As if that isn’t enough, she spends part of her weekends taking headshots of dogs for the rescue group The Pawd Squad.

In addition, Grace maintains a blog as an offshoot of her photography website, where she shares, among other things, photos from her shoots, the process, the out takes, a bit about the experience.  You can soak in her methodology and get a great sense of her style, and of the unique pet/owner relationship she documents by spending a bit of time there.  

Grace Chon’s work quite frankly, is bound to make you come away smiling…regardless of the mood you were in when you clicked on her blog or her website.  Seriously, this is good stuff for the soul.  

Had I known this type of photography existed for pets, I would have certainly engaged her during the days of Hannah and her sister.

I had bookmarked Grace’s web pages to feature here, but it had slipped my mind of recent.  Today, while making my twitter rounds, I noticed that Darlene (another talent I’ll share with you in another post) of Flax & Spindle, was tweeting about something like.  ‘he snores,’….then right after that, ‘I think I’m in love.’  I remembered her sharing this and the light bulb went off…she got her puppy, her puppy, her freakin small, wonderful puppy breath having man pup face of a pug puppy.  So I replied to her and she sent me a link to this.  See how cool it is.  In this life of bills, overhead, deadlines and recession filled moments that can terrorize a self employed family, this, and this make all the difference.

Sometimes you cannot afford not to indulge in a photo session, just to remind yourself about what is important and how blessed you are. 

In some small way, this honors the four pawed friends that have graced my life and the lives of so many I love.  Thank you for being here.

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unravelling.  i am. it’s not the first time.  it’s certainly far from the last time. literal and figurative. now, i’ll have company.  i’m imagining good, clean, heartstrings type company.  i will share some of it there.  it started before this started; it started before I was paying attention to the fact that it existed at all this time around.  life has so many elements, so many, too many. these elements require attention, take energy. expending the energy is all I have. all I have.  no time to reflect, assess, feel the weight of the undercurrent. swept in. then under…….now. i’m imagining how I’ll fold, tear, sculpt, buff and display the unravellings. it might be my best work yet.  yep, i’m going with that.  i feel blessed to be alive and open to this experience; the online course, and my course in this life.  


image by:  jana

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Today’s photography is care of Robbie Powell.  His photography is not as stylized as some of the work I have recently featured.

I appreciate the simplicity, the negative space, the absence of color…it’s a nice departure from previous posts.

 I originally found his work via Form Fifty Five.  In reviewing Robbie’s website, I learned that he was recently interviewed by It’s Nice That; a nice read, check it out here.  

Robbie is Australian, a recent graduate of Billy Blue College, a working Graphic Designer, with an impressive portfolio and respect in his field.  

I just thoroughly enjoyed soaking in each and every visual, the quiet, the sexy, the angles, the texture, the materials, the beauty of space filled and space negative.

This has been a week of photography features. There are so many topics and ideas that I want to share with you about what I do and how I work, and the field of interior design.

I’d like to learn how to illustrate my design process virtually..show paint color, material blending, space planning, structural concepts..I think it would be fun to share more about that here.  The process of creating interiors is very rewarding for me.  I take each and every element, aspect and decision on a project seriously and to heart.  I treat each space as if it was my own.  

I thought about this weeks posts and the meaning behind what I am choosing to share.  I guess what I am doing is sharing what my eye appreciates, what feeds me, what launches my creativity.  It all does relate to ‘my day job’ in one way or another.

I also sprinkle in a few bits and pieces from my family life, something I enjoy sharing and appreciate documenting for memories sake.  

As I often say..having you here, means everything to me…learning about what you’re drawn to, love that. Hearing suggestions on content for future posts, I’d thoroughly appreciate that.

I am open to learn and to grow and to improve each and every day. This blog is one layer of my life that I appreciate. Your presence makes it richer and more rewarding.

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