Today’s photography is care of Robbie Powell.  His photography is not as stylized as some of the work I have recently featured.

I appreciate the simplicity, the negative space, the absence of color…it’s a nice departure from previous posts.

 I originally found his work via Form Fifty Five.  In reviewing Robbie’s website, I learned that he was recently interviewed by It’s Nice That; a nice read, check it out here.  

Robbie is Australian, a recent graduate of Billy Blue College, a working Graphic Designer, with an impressive portfolio and respect in his field.  

I just thoroughly enjoyed soaking in each and every visual, the quiet, the sexy, the angles, the texture, the materials, the beauty of space filled and space negative.

This has been a week of photography features. There are so many topics and ideas that I want to share with you about what I do and how I work, and the field of interior design.

I’d like to learn how to illustrate my design process paint color, material blending, space planning, structural concepts..I think it would be fun to share more about that here.  The process of creating interiors is very rewarding for me.  I take each and every element, aspect and decision on a project seriously and to heart.  I treat each space as if it was my own.  

I thought about this weeks posts and the meaning behind what I am choosing to share.  I guess what I am doing is sharing what my eye appreciates, what feeds me, what launches my creativity.  It all does relate to ‘my day job’ in one way or another.

I also sprinkle in a few bits and pieces from my family life, something I enjoy sharing and appreciate documenting for memories sake.  

As I often say..having you here, means everything to me…learning about what you’re drawn to, love that. Hearing suggestions on content for future posts, I’d thoroughly appreciate that.

I am open to learn and to grow and to improve each and every day. This blog is one layer of my life that I appreciate. Your presence makes it richer and more rewarding.

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4 Comments so far

  1. modernemotive on May 1, 2009

    Beautiful photography! I love black and whites! Probably my fav to experiment with right now as I’m just learning.

    Happy to have found your blog and a new e-buddy. :)

  2. Amber on May 3, 2009

    So nice to meet you. So glad you stopped by. Can’t wait to Unravel!
    P.S. I’m totally diggin’ the Eiffel Tower photo.

  3. please sir on May 3, 2009

    Wow these are stunning!!

  4. Rebecca on May 4, 2009

    I loved these prints! To me, they feel like coming home to balance. Black & White and it’s absense of color allows me to focus on those sexy lines and appreciate something as simple as a zipper. Beautiful way to start my Monday Morning~

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