yummy balance of tattered, textured, metallic and soft

copper richness, against the waters of silvery slate grey goodness

russet coral, sky water crisp blue, geometric strong exterior with the warmth of it’s coverage

juxtaposition of large scale pieces color, quiet, or color rich, unlikely blends that work

old classic shapes, materials colors blended perfectly with pops of what’s new, the shapes, the size the thickness

awesome, grand, boisterous, with a dash of delicate for breathing room

cozy layers of well spoken taste, fanciful richness

grandeur, repetitive thinking, inspirational combinations, unlikely hues that fold well together


old world. new world, reflecting the beauty of age with grace

Today I’m featuring visuals of design vignettes; I combined individual illustrations that seemed to be tied together somehow.  I find that to be relaxing and enjoyable.  

I have been thinking about the content I post here and what drives my selections.  I do work in the field of design, and I would like to visually illustrate that a bit more here.  

So, why do I show so many visuals, either photography, interior and exterior styling?  You might not be asking this but I have asked myself and I would like to share my thoughts on this from where I sit today. So much of what I do is both creative and technical.  People are often shocked when I share about my previous career, a CPA/business consultant. They say things like, ‘wow, that is a huge departure from interior design’.  I am a bit puzzled by this, but that is from where I sit, from how I filter the two fields in comparison.  

I consider myself a very dual brained individual, using both the left (logical/mathematical) and right (creative/visionary) sides of my brain. I did initially while in corporate america (primary, left, secondary, right) and still do today, in the field of interior design, only in reverse (primary, right, secondary, left).   I find that in the field of interior design, to do it well, you must call on both sides of your brain, or outsource one of the sides based on what the field calls you to do.  

So what does this have to do with what I share here?  I guess what I am coming to terms with at the moment is this.  The creative side of my brain is now predominant.  I think of these two sides as muscles and I use the creative muscle more in this field, so it is, by nature, stronger.  

I use the logical part to forge ahead on project details, technical measures, vendor #’s, pricing, billing and project management. I am also currently using it more than I would like to foster the studio arm of my business, the infrastructure, marketing (in the works, come on Jana) overhead pool online presence. Portions of this requirement are not my strong suit, so therefore they are a bit more taxing on my spirit.

This leaves me more tapped for blogging.  I have so many ideas for content, a multitude of things I have thought about over the last couple of years based on the inspiring blogs I have read and pretty things I have seen.  I am not technically proficient with all of the software and skill set it takes to visually communicate ideas well on the web, on this blog.  

I do consider one of my strengths in design to be the mastery of color and material selection/combining. Once example of this is paint color.  I would love to show you the 30 or so colors that I use over and over again in different combinations because frankly, they work so well and they are so spot on balanced in their tonal quality. (my preference for paint color)  My next commitment is to photograph a select number of projects I have completed to best illustrate this.  I’ve done a ton of design work over the years but have been very remiss in finishing the loop after project completion to have the work well photographed.   I could also show you via downloading samples in photoshop and doing color boards.  the main issue there is that not all of the colors I love are available online for download; so this IS on the list.

I do love being here and I love sharing bit and pieces of what inspires me, what I am taken with in my everyday design travels.

I hope to devote more time to featuring local and regional talent on a variety of fronts as the months progress.  Forging ahead for today….All the images are via Jim Thompson’s website.  He is a renowned designer of equisite Thai silk, silk blend, and cotton fabrics sold to the trade in the interior design world.

Clients cannot always afford the luxury of specifying such high end upholstery fabrics throughout a project. I try to offer a mix of fabrics, a range of pricing.  In many instances, a select amount of this quality for say, the body of a sofa (an alternate choice for cushions and throw pillows), a pair of club chairs, the seat cushions on dining chairs, or for accent pillows on prefabricated upholstery does the trick.


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2 Comments so far

  1. laurel on May 26, 2009

    Jana- in all the years I have known and loved you dear girl you have had a sense of color in your personal style that I love. Never harsh or bright, always muted ease -same with your home- soothing tones. I think anyone with life overload would so benefit from your awareness of the subtle. Cool pics.

  2. jana on May 26, 2009

    Hey Laurel, I appreciate your supportive comments. your abode is quite lovely and warm :)

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