sundrenched, warm and reflective

wispy, tickles and giggles

textured smoothness underfoot, comfort, open space, light filled folds

a quiet stretch, reminders of what matters most, young arms, the smell of summer, late nite walks

spacial awareness, visual cues, the ting tings, balanced priorities, utter freedom

how quiet reads of richness, taste with subtle smacks of creative knowing

jackie o’ so sexy o’ yes yes yes

a minimalistic take on the pretty… still very pretty

of secrets and sweet memories

a gentle reminder to play, play well and play often…for…ever and ever….amen

memories of aunt kris, amusement parks, a lot happened then…a lot that shaped me…..

of sunset, of then and now….of what’s yet to come….soaked in it, soaked in gratitude

photography via jason ierace found via desire to inspire.

I’m feeling particularly grateful this week.  We spent a long weekend with boyfriend’s extended family here from WA state…we had a so much fun celebrating 3 decade birthdays, (Megan is 30, Fran is 40 and Pop is 70).  We had an incredible time in Santa Cruz and it was AJ and G’s first experience on amusement rides—they loved it…AJ even did the haunted house :)  Life is rich and we are blessed…I am in the knowing of that this week…thanks for blessing me with being here, it really does mean a lot to me.  I’m rich in blessings and love beyond my wildest of wild dreams…God is gracious.

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I sold her today…the chair.  I’m a bit melancholy about it.  I know, that is kind of goofy.  I put my heart and soul into each piece of furniture I design…especially those that are reclaimed and refurbished.  I do have the reupholstery and refinishing done professionally…it’s important to me that each piece reflects quality… obviously vintage pieces have their share of worn in charm.  

She was lacquered in a rich sea glass green.  I had her reupholstered in Marimekko linen with a complementary chenille welt.  Her cushions covers have zippers and the frame base is also covered with the Marimekko fabric; she was so cleanly finished.

I feel like a furniture rescuer of sorts.  When I originally reclaimed her, she was donning a  (I should have snapped pictures) dark wood stained frame, with russet orange velvet cushions…yikes…but I saw her potential and it was lovely.

She will be shipping off to Texas…I hope she’ll make her new owner as happy as she has made me here in the studio….very very happy.  It was sold via the online site Lushpad, where I recently listed a few of my studio pieces.   I will be listing a few more this week.  Feel free to contact me for more information on any of the items.  I promise they have all been very loved. :)

It’s a tad bittersweet, but mainly it’s just sweet.

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Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it is too late.  Today, this hour, this minute is the day, the hour, the minute for each of us to sense the fact that life is good, with all of its trials and troubles, and perhaps more interesting because of them.      

Robert R. Updegraff

image via flak photo. 

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Dror, is the brand extension for the work of international designer, Dror Benshetrit.  He is a multidisciplinary designer of products, interiors, architecture and art direction.  His background is quite diverse, his experience well seasoned. His client roster includes the likes of Kiel’s, Levi’s, Swarovski, and fashion designer, Yigal Azrouél, among others.

He’s recently launched a series of interior products for Target stores starting at an affordable $19.99 each. The products are stylish, smart, and incredibly easy to assemble.  The modular nesting bookshelves in walnut are sleek, functional, aesthetic and simple.

These are flexible and a nice alternative to higher priced comparable items.

I love how the look varies so nicely just by switching up piece configuration.

This simple, wood veneer and metal accent table could work well in so many small space applications and it’s smart compartmentalized design is quite appealing.

Shifting now to softer scape, he also released this graphic large scale humming bird bedding starting at $19.99 a piece.  (He also has wall art of a similar motif).

The butterfly collection is just as lovely, with a little quieter color palette for his large graphic patterned selection. (Again, wall art is available in this motif as well).

Initially impressed by the product and styling he’s offering for Target, I was inspired to dig deeper into Dror’s body of work.  His interiors are based on the philosophy noted above.  I got this vibe when looking through his portfolio.  One space in particular resonated with me and I am happy to share it with you.  

Lovely, inviting, mysterious, intriguing and evocative, I’d say :)  Old world brick, concrete flooring, low to high light flexibility, minimalistic with smartly unpredictable furnishing choices.  This smacks style through and through.

He also designed this custom piece for a wine bar—I love the lines, the use of strong, distressed materials.  The result is both substantial and shows quiet restraint at the same time; Pieces like these are so inspiring.  I can see variations of this theme working quiet well as an island in a residential cook’s kitchen, a retail cash wrap for a high end hand made metal jewelry designer, or a much smaller version working beautifully as a vanity for a beach house guest bath.

And last but not least, his recently designed Peacock chairs, for the renowned upscale Italian Company, Cappellini.  They are infamous Italian manufacturers of home decor furnishings, decorative objects, panel systems and area rugs and well as a full spectrum of product offerings within the commercial realm design.

Historically, Cappellini has been known to work with lesser known designers from all over the world.  Many of these designer’s have gone on to experience  a more fruitful following and expansive client base as a result of their collaborative relationship with this world renowned company.

One of the benefits of authoring this blog is learning a bit more about the inspiration, philosophy and life behind the people and products I feature here.  This post was no exception.  

If you get a chance, check out Dror’s full product offer for Target, here, or look for it during your next Target store visit.  Currently 18 products are available through Target, with several new products expected to be released within the coming months.   

Peace :)

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I recently visited Century Furniture’s website, while researching some outdoor furniture options for a client. Their site is refreshing, their pitch is fresh and inviting.  I’m so excited to share a few of their pieces available within their leisure outdoor category.  The styles are timeless, but fresh, with a variety finish options.

The Andalusia and Riviera lines (like most of their styles) allows you to work with their basic canvas options, or easily customize each piece with the fabric of your choice. Cast and extruded powder coated aluminum frames, with finishing that resembles a hand forged appearance result in a freshness that is stylishly spot on.  These classic frames have the quality that Century is long been known for, but the finish is engineered for full time exterior use.  I honestly could see many of these pieces working beautifully in both indoor and outdoor applications.  

The sleek clean lines, generous scale and proportion, variety of customization options with both frame color and fabric selection opens up the possibilities for so many gorgeous looks.

Finish options are as essential to the success of a look as the style and quality of construction.  For my client’s money, Century does a phenomenal job on all fronts in creating pieces with options that allow designer’s creative freedom to reflect their client’s dream looks.

The functional and attractive chaise canopy and tassel add a sense classic style…aren’t these just lovely?

There is something so fresh, comfortable, versatile and classic about this chaise.  Again, this would work beautifully in an outdoor poolside setting as well as in a corner reading nook in a large master bedroom suite.

Century also offers many other leisure outdoor styles.  I found so many that were appealing.  Here are a couple that speak volumes on style and remind me, quite refreshingly, of the longstanding, geometrically sexy McGuire furniture line.

I love the masculine scale, precision of stylizing within the frames, and the finishes that reflect a richness that will last and last.  Designing pieces that are generous in scale, reflect style longevity, offer finish flexibility and are timelessly tasteful is something Century does quiet well.

Nothing speaks style like the classic lines of the renowned Oscar De La Renta.  This piece, the quintessential lounge chaise, reminds me of a few nap filled afternoons poolside in my younger years. Cushions and throw pillows are beautifully dressed in a whitewashed acrylic.  These woven frames are a reflection on the classic scale, quiet finish, rich textural quality that serves so many design looks well.

Lastly, I’ve included a sleek option with their Gulf Stream, maritime look.  This is reflective of yacht railings with their stainless steel frames crafted in forms that combine striking vertical and horizontal planes with soft curves.  These read a bit more modern in spirit and would fold nicely in many indoor or outdoor design settings.  I can see seats covered in many fabric styles from small textural quiet weaves to rich, bold, large graphic patterns.

I will be featuring a few of Century’s mirrors in another post.  This is a ‘to the trade’ vendor, but one that offers design sensibility, classic quality construction, a continual commitment to customer service, and an investment in maintaining style freshness that is so important in an ever changing design climate.

Thank you for being here; it really does make me smile.  



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I got slammed the latter part of this week and didn’t get a chance to be here.  I have some fun things lined up for next week…this visual gives you a little taste…couldn’t you just fold right into this room and read, nap, sing, sip tea or just look at the ocean from your window.  This company has been around a long time, and I’ll be featuring some of my favorite selections of their furnishings in two different posts.  The first will be a few outdoor/leisure pieces that are fresh, clean lined beauties that I could also see working within an interior setting.  The second will illustrate a few of my favorites within their mirror line…I’ll disclose the vendor (image source) in my first post… :)  The image above didn’t really fit either theme, but I had to share it with you because it speaks volumes on quiet tasteful use of sexy shaped furnishings, a quiet tone on tone color palette, layered smartly with varying textures and finished with the perfect value of sea glass blue to soothe the eye.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.  We will be having a bit of family over tomorrow to celebrate father’s day and my boyfriend’s birthday, which was earlier this week.

I’ll leave you with this thought:

Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.                                                                                                                                                           Frederick Wilcox

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Today I’m featuring quick pics of a dental office I designed.  This space in in the heart of Union Square, San Francisco, on the corner of Stockton and Post.  I took these pics yesterday, so they were not professionally composed.  My regular photographer, Shannon, is on vacation.  This space (it’s bones) and the client were a joy to work with throughout the entire project.

The color palette is subtle, rich and feminine.  The materials we worked with were some of my favorites, old brick, polished concrete, light, sexy Zodiaq quarts countertops.  The softscape includes embroidery influenced wool rugs, washed woods, crisp linen, oil on canvas, warm lighting, both new and vintage accents. 

Artwork in the reception area created by local artist, Audrey Kral, her work is incredible and I found it via 4th Street Studios.  

The mirror, a vintage find, which I had refinished.  Originally, I had it earmarked for my studio walls.  It just worked so perfectly in this space…the shape adds a softness to the architectural lines (will be better illustrated in later pics) and other hard line elements.  It was refinished in a bronze pewter metal finish, which folds well into the color scheme.

I know, you’re thinking, what is this?  Well, I wanted to show the richness of our polished concrete floor.   I had it custom tinted when it was refloated, which by the way, is a very very complicated process.  It took a few rounds to get the color right because of how pigment rises to the top and it actually changed hue when we added our sealer, but it turned out nice and the client is very happy.

Here’s the face of the reception desk.  In commercial design, especially medical, you are often bound to using laminates, for casegoods and cabinetry for sanitary purposes and budget constraints.  It is really a challenge as a designer to make the space unique, well balanced and fresh when working with such material constraints.  The vendors (Formica, Nevamar, Wilsonart) have improved leaps and bounds over the years in the range of product they offer…their color selection and faux bois options are better than ever.  

The countertop for the reception customer portion is quartz.  I went with a thicker counter top as I think it speaks volumes on perceived quality, especially in commercial or large residential spaces. The edge detail is square, with a small top bevel to accent the sexiness of this material.

This is a shot into one of the operatories.  I wanted to show the accent paint color, which is a rich periwinkle blue (Benjamin Moore).  This color wraps the perimeter walls on the left side of the office and the back wall.  I used the light oyster color in the reception area, the hallway walls, ceilings, portion of the right perimeter walls that were not exposed brick.  The cabinetry is covered in wood laminate, with a light matte finish Corian countertop.  We rounded the edges of this cabinetry to soften the look and improve functional movement within the space.

I try to source reception seating on my projects that departs a bit from typical contract style chairs.  Medical offices can be so stale. This doctor is a female cosmetic dentist, so what better space to set the tone for a pretty mouth than a pretty space.  I sourced these chairs through a ‘to the trade’ vendor, they were shipped across country and came in, better than I remembered them looking at the Vegas Market where I sourced them.  That was such a treat and is far from typical in my industry; there is always a risk in quality when sourcing new, direct, lesser known vendors.  The kicker is that these chairs are very comfortable…don’t they just set of the reception area so well.  The rug is also one of my vendors.  Their product has a nice range of styles and their quality and price point are refreshingly great !!  

Another shot of the space; we washed the original brick (which we exposed during demolition).  We washed it to tone down the red hue, but wanted to maintain it’s rich, original, natural variation.

The client…she is a dream, and honestly, I had the creative freedom on this project that is ideal.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Thank you for being here.

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i’m not drawn to cutesy, by nature, but this is so smartly done with balance and rhythym and the right amount of quiet space. via Canadian H & H. I subscribe to this publication and it is chock full of ideas and inspiration for residential interiors.

isn’t this the coolest compromise for a campy, cozy space when ‘camping’ isn’t practical? also via Canadian H & H.  

a peek in the studio, a bit of a wool pouf, a vintage recliner and vintage suitcase.  

image by:  moi

a closer version of the pouf, it’s for sale, so if you are so inclined, email me for the details :)

image by:  moi

another lil shot in the studio, viewed through the brass, a sweet lil accessory.

image by:  moi

a peek at a few more vintage items I’ve gathered in my travels…these will make their way into the etsy vintage shop quite soon, I am hoping.

image by:  moi

last, but not least, our sweet new friend, she lives in one of our (bare for now) hanging planters on the porch.  it hangs just off the kitchen and in front of AJ’s bedroom window.  she’s nesting, and it is a source of joy, gratitude and a daily reminder of God’s incredible grace.

image by:  moi

I hope your week is laced in moments and images and memories that make you smile–smile from the inside out.  thank you for being here.  it is another source of joy for lil ol me :)

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I thought it would be fun to suggest some lovely blog frolicking for a friday.  There are so many lovely blogs out there….I could spend all the hours of my days just playing and reading and finding new inspiration. Darlene, of the lovely flax and spindle shop, a mommy, a maker of lovely grain sack and french linen pillows and such, author’s a blog and is having a wonderful june giveaway…..please visit.

Oh my linen goodness.  This came in the mail last week.  It was a raffle prize during an online pajama party sponsored by a few lovely ladies, one of which authors my mommy manuel.  This dress, designed and made by Tyler of Periwinklebloom is sweeter than ever in person, and I cannot wait for AJ to wear it.  It can so nicely packaged with a lovely note.

Cuter than toast image found via Nina’s lovely blog.  

This lil jewel of wisdom is brought to you by the lovely Laurel…I encourage you to visit her blog…she sprinkles sunshine, laughter and a bit of childlike wonder on a daily basis.  

I might do one more post before the weekend is out as I didn’t get to be here as much as I would have liked this week…where does the time go.  Have a lovely day, spread smiles, it really is contagious.

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I started collecting vintage ice buckets a couple of years ago.  I thought it might be fun to repurpose them, as vases.  They are ideal in size for a floral vignette, perfectly insulated.  I’ve dreamed of opening a lil vintage shop on Etsy , to sell my small vintage wares.  I’m hoping it will soon be coming to life.  Yippee !!

These are but a few of the items I’m planning to offer.  In that vein, I scooped up some flowers (using a bit of the faux floral goodness I sourced for the studio), some coffee and morning crumbly goodies.  Shannon and I played in the studio.  We had a lovely time.  Playing with the flowers, the display. I hear the rhythm of her shutter clicking, it’s sweet background noise.  You know the sound of joy, of anticipation (like the familiar shrill of kids playing in the pool). I have fun simply watching her work. She exudes creativity from the moment you set eyes on her.  The visuals that result from our time together, her eye, her ability to capture style, is nothing short of amazing.  To see more of her work, please visit her flickr stream.

We talked about doing more playful, stylizing shoots.  It’s hard to find time in our schedules, but this is so refreshing for me.  I am a huge fan of photostyling, as is witnessed through the content I’m prone to feature here.  

I’m hoping to have some initial goodies available in my lil etsy shop within the next few weeks.  If you have any wisdom or suggestions to share on selling wares on etsy, please comment or email me.  

Thank you for being here.

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