Dror, is the brand extension for the work of international designer, Dror Benshetrit.  He is a multidisciplinary designer of products, interiors, architecture and art direction.  His background is quite diverse, his experience well seasoned. His client roster includes the likes of Kiel’s, Levi’s, Swarovski, and fashion designer, Yigal Azrouél, among others.

He’s recently launched a series of interior products for Target stores starting at an affordable $19.99 each. The products are stylish, smart, and incredibly easy to assemble.  The modular nesting bookshelves in walnut are sleek, functional, aesthetic and simple.

These are flexible and a nice alternative to higher priced comparable items.

I love how the look varies so nicely just by switching up piece configuration.

This simple, wood veneer and metal accent table could work well in so many small space applications and it’s smart compartmentalized design is quite appealing.

Shifting now to softer scape, he also released this graphic large scale humming bird bedding starting at $19.99 a piece.  (He also has wall art of a similar motif).

The butterfly collection is just as lovely, with a little quieter color palette for his large graphic patterned selection. (Again, wall art is available in this motif as well).

Initially impressed by the product and styling he’s offering for Target, I was inspired to dig deeper into Dror’s body of work.  His interiors are based on the philosophy noted above.  I got this vibe when looking through his portfolio.  One space in particular resonated with me and I am happy to share it with you.  

Lovely, inviting, mysterious, intriguing and evocative, I’d say :)  Old world brick, concrete flooring, low to high light flexibility, minimalistic with smartly unpredictable furnishing choices.  This smacks style through and through.

He also designed this custom piece for a wine bar—I love the lines, the use of strong, distressed materials.  The result is both substantial and shows quiet restraint at the same time; Pieces like these are so inspiring.  I can see variations of this theme working quiet well as an island in a residential cook’s kitchen, a retail cash wrap for a high end hand made metal jewelry designer, or a much smaller version working beautifully as a vanity for a beach house guest bath.

And last but not least, his recently designed Peacock chairs, for the renowned upscale Italian Company, Cappellini.  They are infamous Italian manufacturers of home decor furnishings, decorative objects, panel systems and area rugs and well as a full spectrum of product offerings within the commercial realm design.

Historically, Cappellini has been known to work with lesser known designers from all over the world.  Many of these designer’s have gone on to experience  a more fruitful following and expansive client base as a result of their collaborative relationship with this world renowned company.

One of the benefits of authoring this blog is learning a bit more about the inspiration, philosophy and life behind the people and products I feature here.  This post was no exception.  

If you get a chance, check out Dror’s full product offer for Target, here, or look for it during your next Target store visit.  Currently 18 products are available through Target, with several new products expected to be released within the coming months.   

Peace :)

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2 Comments so far

  1. laurel on June 24, 2009

    I am always so happy to see faboo design at target- was so happy when orla kiely landed there earlier and now this! I LOVE the bedding. Very nice.
    Thanks Cookie!! Love your soothing blog. Hugs Sweets.

  2. javajune on June 24, 2009

    Love his innovative style and the bedding is beautiful. My fave has to be the designer boutique in the meat packing distric- now that is awesome!
    I was just checking on you since I haven’t seen you around the unravelling class or heard a tweet from you. I just got back on line yesterday after a few days without internet access- bad storm. I can’t believe this is our last week to unravel- where did the time go?


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