i’m not drawn to cutesy, by nature, but this is so smartly done with balance and rhythym and the right amount of quiet space. via Canadian H & H. I subscribe to this publication and it is chock full of ideas and inspiration for residential interiors.

isn’t this the coolest compromise for a campy, cozy space when ‘camping’ isn’t practical? also via Canadian H & H.  

a peek in the studio, a bit of a wool pouf, a vintage recliner and vintage suitcase.  

image by:  moi

a closer version of the pouf, it’s for sale, so if you are so inclined, email me for the details :)

image by:  moi

another lil shot in the studio, viewed through the brass, a sweet lil accessory.

image by:  moi

a peek at a few more vintage items I’ve gathered in my travels…these will make their way into the etsy vintage shop quite soon, I am hoping.

image by:  moi

last, but not least, our sweet new friend, she lives in one of our (bare for now) hanging planters on the porch.  it hangs just off the kitchen and in front of AJ’s bedroom window.  she’s nesting, and it is a source of joy, gratitude and a daily reminder of God’s incredible grace.

image by:  moi

I hope your week is laced in moments and images and memories that make you smile–smile from the inside out.  thank you for being here.  it is another source of joy for lil ol me :)

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6 Comments so far

  1. Heather on June 16, 2009

    The camp space is precious! I also love the poof– How very cool! Thanks for sharing the birdie– yet again, I just love it!

    x and o’s.

  2. Rebecca on June 16, 2009

    Thats what I need to do for when I’m feeling suffocated indoors at home, make a camp space for myself to relax inside! Thats amazing you have a dove nesting like that……you won’t kick her out till she’s ready, right? (grin)

  3. Von on June 17, 2009

    Beautiful images and colours. That pouf is meant for me…in about 10 years when little feet can’t wreck it :)

  4. javajune on June 17, 2009

    The treasures in your shop are very intriguing but the pic of the little dove sitting on her nest is just gorgeous- I love it.
    I haven’t had time to peek at this week’s unravelling assignment- I better get crackin’
    Take care and have a terrific tuesday.

  5. Lucinda on June 17, 2009

    Your photo styling is off the charts fantastic! The photo of the dove is charming and brings me joy. Thank you for sharing. Smiling through my evening.

  6. Carissa on June 18, 2009

    I’m not drawn to cutesy either but that top photos is really cool… They should really start making some of the newer homes not look so.. so… what? Crass, shiny?

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