a gentle reminder, documented perspective of sorts.  i love my life.  we are so very blessed.  big girl worries make me forget this at times…i think i worry to feel responsible—silly, i know.  saturday, we played, we laughed, we painted, we went to the food store as AJ calls it…simple yes, but such a treat for them; trader joe’s has fruit water and samples.  we grilled hot dogs and ate dinner on the patio.  swings, water, gardening, outdoor play…their kitchen, their playhouse and running free. she pushes her lil brother and they get along swimmingly…i enjoyed their exchange.  they are together 24/7, and at 14 months apart, their patience for each other often wears thin…their love with it’s colors is also so strong.  i continue to ask for patience, guidance and strength to be a good mommy, to let them find their way. to let them fully experience what god has planned without my overprotective tendencies.  i want to embrace the messy, fast paced rhythm of raising toddlers with joy…let them breathe…and feel my presence…a delicate balance.

starting the week with a simple post, one to remind me of my blessings.  i’m listening to a tape series again. little rituals help settle my mind sometimes.  she talks about how no matter what is going on in our lives, we are either sitting, standing, or lying horizontally—no matter what our circumstances.  

here’s to smiling inside and out, and to knowing, god has a plan. how gracious are his blessings. here’s to experiencing joy in our moments.

it’s a pleasure being here. with you.  peace :)

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 a sexy peep toe metallic pump bodes well with a crystal light fixture—fall into friday :)  image via photographer stefania paparelli

comfy cozy style filled entry featuring a to die for painted railing—serious swoon on all levels (found via set design thinking).

audible gasp at the sense of calm this image evoked.

a morning stream illuminates a subtle ceiling style, playful lighting, texture, a spot of red with vivid orchid hued bedcovering.

my idea of camping—cool cot a go go

fresh brewed iced tea, a must read, can’t put down, bust out crying and laughing novel, and hours to burn

i’m in the mood for a get away, in the biggest way….THE biggest way.  any of the last four images would be received in gratitude, sheer gratitude. boyfriend and i would gladly tidy up, leaving fresh flowers, thank you notes on the chalk board, fresh coffee and scones for the next lucky guests. (via marie claire maison).

smart, rich, quiet with immense taste, thoughtful execution (image originally via inspirationbubble).

it’s been fun sharing a bit of this and a hint of that with you today—a calgon, take me away of sorts in visual. here’s to hoping you took a mental jaunt to lands that move, soothe and refresh you.

thank you for taking a moment to be here—what evokes warm fuzzy calmness in you?…do tell.

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pure b & w beach sexy

grounded, minimal, masculine and smart

melancholy, feminine, a thinking evening, release

close, a whisper, shiny allure

james dean clean, (reminds me of my dad…we were looking at images last weekend from when he was 21, lean and oh so handsome

sun-drenched, dusk, crisp, fresh….thoughtfully constructed


images via McDermott Management.  they represent some very talented photographers, graphic designers and illustrators in Los Angeles, New York, and London.  happened upon this pool of talent while reading one of my favorite blogs, Daydream Lily—found her via another wonderful blog, That Unreliable Girl. both blogs and their writers are a wonderful blend of beauty, style, creativity and wit. i’m grateful for the connections i’ve made on this blog journey.  i’ve met some incredible people and am learning a lot about myself in the process.  it’s fun to continue to uncover and discover what moves you.  

thank you for being here.

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image via flickr photostream multicoloured arc

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