Working on tile selections and layouts for a a couple of new clients.  There is a lot of product on the market now that is absolutely gorgeous, contemporary, sleek and smacks of good style.  The idea of travertine and limestone used so predominantly a few years ago seems to have given way to other options, many of which are porcelain—I am having fun working with the variety of options available within the last few years. I’ll show you just a few.

tc2I love this tile design…it comes in a few color combinations—I used the black/blue aluminum version for my bath flooring in the studio—love love love it !!  


Random, large scale patterned layout on a fairly monochromatic, matte finish body tile…this works well; it does get expensive to coat and entire wall in the material, but doing a focal point wall also results in a lovely dramatic effect.


Love how large scale rectangular tiles positioned in a parallel orientation create interest but don’t distract the eye or add too much patterned stimulation in a space.  Smart :)


large scale square tiles, laid straight, but with alternating pattern positioning adds just enough pop to quietly soothe your eye.  This particular tile has very small scale pin stripes, so alternating the direction in a layout creates a slightly different and impressive look.


Another example of rectangular tiles, a staggered joint installation, warmer base color, with tone on tone small pin stripes…in this case, the pattern is maintained directionally, which is smart and subtle.


Large tiles, installed, on the straight with thin joints (grout lines), no border design and no baseboards; perfect for this application, with the exposed rock and concrete wall and rich simple color palette.  I like the subtle color distinction of the walls to the flooring—definitely complement, but more tonal in nature.

All images are via Tile City website.

Have a lovely weekend; I may return before the weekend is over to post some additional interior inspirational images.  I have several small projects going on in tandem…it’s fun, refreshing, a challenge and keeps my interest peaked for inspiring ideas to spark my creativity.

I hope you find something here that makes you smile or soothes you somehow.  


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I’m sorry my postings has been scarce; it’s been busy on all fronts of my life.  Finding time for all the things I love escapes me sometimes.  I used to be better at managing my time…not sure what happened?  

I do love my time here and the relationships I’ve built since I started this blog.  Rooted is close to having 100 posts—that’s kinda cool and I’m feeling grateful.  I feel some sort of give away is in order…hmmm. 

Here is the second half to the outdoor post that I promised. 

717sleeksucculentGDa self confessed sucker for succulents clean lines and the view of water for days….

a soft spot for a bit of the outdoors depicted indoors…simple, clean, yet thoughtful of style
scale, mature, yet sculptured with cylinder, concrete and rich ambient lighting…
boyfriend and I love water features…of the unexpected variety, bamboo fencing, and a bucket spill fountain…organic with the free form rock….open but private somehow.
bamboo, geometric large scale light architecture, sleek trimmed trees, shallow water and a sexy brushed steel door…no, really….
openness, fire-pit, conversations and intimate small gatherings….simple goodness
notice the up and down lighting…the simplicity of repetitive shapes in design with respect for scale (thickness) of the elements….a great example of ambiance (created partially by lighting design) in an outdoor setting for night time entertaining….
spa calling…merging the indoor and the outdoor, using flooring versus walls to depict a change in room application…..I’m so needing a massage; this, this speaks to me :)
cultivated, groomed, simple, textured and calming.
Is there a particular image or outdoor setting that appeals to you more than another?  I’d love to hear the importance you place on your outdoor versus your indoor decor.
images via garden design magazine.  

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Vision takes heart…connecting enhances….

I do have more outdoor visuals to share, so I will be returning soon.  Have a lovely day….take a moment to connect to your heart, your vision…to make space for what you wish for.


image via m-c’s photostream.

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i came across this image today; it made me think of planning AJ’s nursery…before she was born, when the mama in me wasn’t quite sure how it would all play out…it has played out so beautifully.  


she turns 4 years old on saturday…i cannot believe how fast time is flying and what an amazing little girl she is….so curious, so full of life, so fun…and busy….she starts pre-k in just over a month…..big girl stuff for her and for mama.  we’re formally celebrating in a couple of weeks when all of her favorites are available to sprinkle love on her day.

this pic was taken one morning when she was just under a year, i’m guessing.  notice the jammies are on backwards…our solution to her houdini tricks of the time….i love watching her grow and learn and explore each new phase of her life…but there is this part of me that wishes i could slow down time for a bit, to savor each stage just a wee bit longer….a mama can wish….she and her brother are growing up fast (with big sis tay entering 8th grade this year)….we’ll cherish each day…each and every day.


nursery image care of  elle decoration

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Sharing a bit of lovely inspiration of a primarily outdoor variety.  It’s been very warm in our neck of the bay area.  We’ve spent evenings in the yard, the lil ones playing in their pool, grilling dinner, and enjoying warm evenings outside.  I thought it was a perfect time to share a bit of outdoor goodness.  I found myself so overwhelmed with outdoor style, I think I’ll break the post up into two parts.  Today, I’ll feature the work of highly seasoned  photographer Ted Yarwood.  


true confession, this makes me want to walk the iron horse trail with one of my gal pals :)


copper, the trickle of water, a lily pads, manicured grasses and sculptured concrete


daylight drenched cozy large scale suspended daybed hammock…perfect backdrop for napping, reading or romance, :)


smooth stone blended with clean lined rustic iron, cylinder sculpture, water wall, moss and curved large scale vases…balanced shapes, scale and material selection goodness


pickled wood, aluminum, geometric lines, sleek clean material elements, wood slats, groomed plantings …….peaceful energy


tiny retreat…tree nestled, crooked stone path, textured plantings, of old and new, where, whisper quiet redeeming


a blend of natural and man made eloquence, rich overhangs, sweet lavender, rustles of small wildlife…blessed and grateful


I hope you are having a very nice week.  If you could change one thing about your outdoor setting, what would it be?  (pssst, we’d have a bigger water feature in our backyard…..BIG DREAM…that water feature would drop into a large pool complete with curved slide)


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‘not to worry because worry is useless in times like these’…an ongoing challenge for me.  

i love this song, ‘where there is a man and there is no voice, there i shall go singing’… of my challenges, one of many, is exerting my voice, my power, my authority in my life, my business.  i’m cool if my opinion aligns with yours, but if it differs, and if it is an important topic, i struggle.  in recent years, i’ve realized that rather than wade through the waters of holding my truth in the light, i stuff it, unless i simply can’t bear to, especially if it only affects me.  many people don’t want to hear anything except what they believe…what their perception is.  and many of those same people have such strong coping skills to put it back on whoever disagrees, to make them wrong, to make them feel awkward, you see, that is how they get you to be quiet.  and i have. been quiet.  it is part of what locks me up at times.  

the only exception i experience is when the issue relates to my children.  topics that involve the treatment, care, or parenting of my children, i have a voice, and i feel confident and (a bit more) fearless…my internal critic, the one that tells me most conflicts are because of me, he recedes and i stay present, and firm with what i want for them, what i expect, what i will and will not tolerate…end of story. there is a obvious distinction from issues that involve just me (even in business) and i observe my strength.

 a new goal is to to cultivate this strength and determination for my own life, business, relationships and encounters.

it’s not to say that i don’t feel drained from exerting my voice, because i do.  yet, if the topic is my children, i don’t reel over it, and question myself in useless detail about whether what i am asking for, or how i’m asking for it is valid.  

lil ones deserve to be protected…respected….their mind, their bodies, their souls and their spirits…THAT is one important and never wavering value i have.  

now, as a mom, i certainly have my moments when i lose my patience or overlook something and have to clean it up with AJ & G….i want to model humanity to them….to show them that big people make mistakes and it’s ok to own it, that they deserve apologies too.

for some reason, this is important for me to share here.  it’s a delicate balance having a blog that illustrates my profession, and to also share personal stuff…and yet my personal stuff is intertwined with what i do and the underlying relationships are key elements in my daily life and work.

a theme this year….my voice, my authority, my power…even writing that makes me cringe.  like, what Jana?  you think you have power?  who do you think you are?  

i have to learn to be more comfortable with using my voice.  you see, when I was in Corporate America it was easier to play that role—to enforce the policies and procedures for the companies i represented.  it’s much more difficult and emotionally dicey for me in representing my own business…not just my business, but my passion….something i put my heart and soul into.  every decision, every layout, material selection, piece of furniture, accessory, every everything that i encounter in design is important to me and taken very seriously.  

do not be mistaken though…i equally value the wants, needs, preferences, and interests of my clients.  but that is really for another post.  this is more my sharing of a personal struggle, on a variety of fronts, related to me having a voice in my life in work and in play.

so, here’s to using your voice.  i’d love to hear your experience with having a voice, in life, love, work, parenting, whatever. is this easy for you or do you struggle too?  if you do, what have you found helpful?  it truly helps me and warm my heart when you share your experience here.


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Just popping in to share a bit of sunshine with you today :)  Will be back when I can settle in and take a few minutes to illustrate some tile options that make for lovely remodel options in kitchen and baths—tile can be sexy too !!


image via:  the rain is gonna fall, the sun is gonna shine.

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A bit of sweet, a smidgen of the soulful.  “I’m the moment between the striking and the fire.”

Working on a fun new client—-remodel, budget driven, but fun selections thus far…..clean lines and mixing materials, some of my favorite elements.  The artist, she’s Emiliana Torrini, the song,  Jungle Drum, just lovely, upbeat and playful :)

I hope you are having a refreshing start to a new week.  Peace !!

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It’s time for some visual delight….so feminine and deliciously stylized


An example of well selected pieces, on all levels, style, color, scale, finish, texture and placement…these individual pieces may not appear to make sense together, but the entire finished look, it works…reflects selection wisdom and casual comfort, approachability, if you will.


Perfection of material juxtaposition…in it’s simplest form, this is a complementary palette—on the color wheel, of orange and blue….typical of an assignment I was given (back in the day) in color theory class; but looker closer, you see the mix of the rugged and distressed wood flooring, against the rich color and the textural sophistication of the sky blue mohair covering this clean lined rosewood chair—yummy, simple and smart.


Ode to Shabby Chic; the lovely Rachel Ashwell….such a warm hearted talent..can’t wait to see what she shares with us next…it is bound to be beautiful.


Thoughtful vignette…notice the traditional architecture, mixed so well with a contemporary take on the classic bistro table and chairs, nicely varied with the pop of chartreuse and slate blue…warm tea, freshly baked scones, laughter and sprinkles of honest sharing abound here.


I’ve been craving a road trip….of the zen travelling, two lane road, small town locals and campground fires variety….there is something about breakfast cooked on a camp stove that can’t be matched…wherever do we find the time to do all that we wish for?


Yes, as you have seen before, I’m a sucker for the blend of decay and feminine materials and lines—that back wall is to die for, and these peekaboo crocheted lacework pillows, the soft lines of the bench against it’s rustic, rugged finish…….add in the long stemmed roses, a perfect touch. 

Each of these images were shot by the photography talent that is Chris Everard.   His work is threaded with such taste..always appealing yet calming at the same time.

Have a lovely weekend…We’re planning on a bit of work, a bit of play, a bit of outdoor grilling, and maybe some garden time….our garden needs some tending to, some loving.  I find a renewed appreciation for my home when I regularly love on our garden.  I’d love to hear what helps you appreciate your home, your living space?


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Feeling a bit of melancholy this week; it happens to me…it is not a bad thing, nothing to be worried about; it’s actually part of my process…I have learned this through the years.  Let it be, sit still, know creativity will come, as it does…sweet timing…this life.  

I had a life sized Raggedy Ann in my room growing up, it came from my Grandpa Nordin.  Don’t know what happened to her, but I found these thrifting and adopted them instantly…they live in the studio, they make me happy.

Image taken in my studio, shot by my lovely friend, shannonkelli; quote via the rain is gonna fall, the sun is gonna shine

I hope you are all having a great week.  The weather has been lovely and moderate, something boyfriend and I treasure; AJ & G have wished for a bit more heat as we got them a lil pool this weekend and they love it…we get one every year.  Sending smiles and sunshine.  Peace

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