Sharing a bit of lovely inspiration of a primarily outdoor variety.  It’s been very warm in our neck of the bay area.  We’ve spent evenings in the yard, the lil ones playing in their pool, grilling dinner, and enjoying warm evenings outside.  I thought it was a perfect time to share a bit of outdoor goodness.  I found myself so overwhelmed with outdoor style, I think I’ll break the post up into two parts.  Today, I’ll feature the work of highly seasoned  photographer Ted Yarwood.  


true confession, this makes me want to walk the iron horse trail with one of my gal pals :)


copper, the trickle of water, a lily pads, manicured grasses and sculptured concrete


daylight drenched cozy large scale suspended daybed hammock…perfect backdrop for napping, reading or romance, :)


smooth stone blended with clean lined rustic iron, cylinder sculpture, water wall, moss and curved large scale vases…balanced shapes, scale and material selection goodness


pickled wood, aluminum, geometric lines, sleek clean material elements, wood slats, groomed plantings …….peaceful energy


tiny retreat…tree nestled, crooked stone path, textured plantings, of old and new, where, whisper quiet redeeming


a blend of natural and man made eloquence, rich overhangs, sweet lavender, rustles of small wildlife…blessed and grateful


I hope you are having a very nice week.  If you could change one thing about your outdoor setting, what would it be?  (pssst, we’d have a bigger water feature in our backyard…..BIG DREAM…that water feature would drop into a large pool complete with curved slide)


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