i came across this image today; it made me think of planning AJ’s nursery…before she was born, when the mama in me wasn’t quite sure how it would all play out…it has played out so beautifully.  


she turns 4 years old on saturday…i cannot believe how fast time is flying and what an amazing little girl she is….so curious, so full of life, so fun…and busy….she starts pre-k in just over a month…..big girl stuff for her and for mama.  we’re formally celebrating in a couple of weeks when all of her favorites are available to sprinkle love on her day.

this pic was taken one morning when she was just under a year, i’m guessing.  notice the jammies are on backwards…our solution to her houdini tricks of the time….i love watching her grow and learn and explore each new phase of her life…but there is this part of me that wishes i could slow down time for a bit, to savor each stage just a wee bit longer….a mama can wish….she and her brother are growing up fast (with big sis tay entering 8th grade this year)….we’ll cherish each day…each and every day.


nursery image care of  elle decoration

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  1. laurel on July 22, 2009

    Oh Sweetie- Happy fourth Bday Darling Arlise….so so cute she is. I think that four is a magical age -it is one of my favorites really- listening to Ella and her little friends -all magic all the time. Precious doesn’t cover it.
    You are a wise Mama- enjoying the moments. I don’t know that I knew that first time around. I do now-am already starting to tear up at Liv’s soon to be departure back to college and Ella going to Kindergarten. Love to you and thanks for support sweets. Sunshine and rainbows for Arlise’s Birthday!!!

  2. naomi on July 23, 2009

    OMG! I love those birdcages.. I am obsessed with birdcages. What a great image.. thanks for sharing!

  3. Von on July 23, 2009

    Bitter sweet, isn’t it?! The early years are so unbelievably difficult (at least, I find them to be) that you can’t wait for them to become less dependent. And then when they do, it feels like the beginning of letting them go. So important to be present in each season but so hard to do!

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