I’m sorry my postings has been scarce; it’s been busy on all fronts of my life.  Finding time for all the things I love escapes me sometimes.  I used to be better at managing my time…not sure what happened?  

I do love my time here and the relationships I’ve built since I started this blog.  Rooted is close to having 100 posts—that’s kinda cool and I’m feeling grateful.  I feel some sort of give away is in order…hmmm. 

Here is the second half to the outdoor post that I promised. 

717sleeksucculentGDa self confessed sucker for succulents clean lines and the view of water for days….

a soft spot for a bit of the outdoors depicted indoors…simple, clean, yet thoughtful of style
scale, mature, yet sculptured with cylinder, concrete and rich ambient lighting…
boyfriend and I love water features…of the unexpected variety, bamboo fencing, and a bucket spill fountain…organic with the free form rock….open but private somehow.
bamboo, geometric large scale light architecture, sleek trimmed trees, shallow water and a sexy brushed steel door…no, really….
openness, fire-pit, conversations and intimate small gatherings….simple goodness
notice the up and down lighting…the simplicity of repetitive shapes in design with respect for scale (thickness) of the elements….a great example of ambiance (created partially by lighting design) in an outdoor setting for night time entertaining….
spa calling…merging the indoor and the outdoor, using flooring versus walls to depict a change in room application…..I’m so needing a massage; this, this speaks to me :)
cultivated, groomed, simple, textured and calming.
Is there a particular image or outdoor setting that appeals to you more than another?  I’d love to hear the importance you place on your outdoor versus your indoor decor.
images via garden design magazine.  

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7 Comments so far

  1. Elizabeth on July 29, 2009

    Love all of the photos!! I am a clean line kind of girl too!

  2. Heather on July 29, 2009

    The outdoor firepit is INCREDIBLE. i just love the accents, and the wood, mixed with the rock. SO AWESOME and beautiful to the eye.

    :) xo

  3. laurel on July 29, 2009

    Hi girlie- I love my outdoor space as you know it is huge and house is tiny so it needs to be treated well. I recall the patio area you had years back with twinkle lights on a big huge tree that was so sweet. I love gardens with whimsy and the right amount of serenity. Sort of like the people I keep close:)
    Hugs to you Sunshine.

  4. Von on July 30, 2009

    Hey Jana – this is all so gorgeous and inspiring. Must show my husband. BTW, I have put your blog in my links (which is underwhelming, no doubt, given the readership I have :)) but I have worded it thus:
    Rooted (i.e., Grounded) in Style
    because in Australia, ‘rooted’ conveys something you would certainly not have intended, and that is why it took me a while to put it up there – just couldn’t think how to get around it! I LOVE your blog and want my friends to see it too, but please just say the word if you’d rather I just leave the title as is. Love

  5. jana on July 31, 2009


    I am honored and will include your blog as well :) but I do need to know what rooted means in Australia—you have me intrigued?

    Must know—do tell, email if you would prefer.


  6. javajune on August 4, 2009

    The indoor outdoor style of living is so me and my dream home. I would love a house with a retractable wall where the outdoors is part of my everyday living space. I live in the wrong climate for that…maybe someday! Great ideas here. The water feature is very soothing.

  7. MsUnreliable on August 9, 2009

    That 5th image is simply to die for! There’s nothing like architecture that interacts with its surroundings (or is it vice versa?)

    The 7th image is especially lovely too – it seems like such a perfect outdoor space for either summer cocktail soirees or winter tea parties. Bliss!

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