Let Me Live, Grace-fully

Thank you Lord,

for this season….of sun and slow motion, of games and porch sitting, of picnics and light green fireflies on heavy purple evenings;

and praise for slight breezes.  It’s good, God, as the first long days of your creation.

Let this season be for me…..a time of gathering together the pieces into which my busyness has broken me.  O God, enable me now….to grow wise through reflection, peaceful through the song of the cricket, recreated through the laughter of play.

Most of all, Lord, let me live easily and grace-fully for a spell, so that I may see other souls deeply, share in a silence unhurried, listen to the sound of sunlight and shadows, explore barefoot the land of forgotten dreams and shy hopes, and find the right words to tell another who I am.

Ted Loder, Guerrilas of Grace

Be well, have a lovely and safe Independence Day weekend !!  Peace

image via eclectic gipseyland

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Mantis lounger


Flow cube bench


Flow Cube Coffee Table


Flow Cell Ottoman


Flow Cube Chair


Flow Cube Chair, varied color and finish, another view


Nguni Chair



Nguni Bench

I had to share the work of John Vogel today.  This is the epitomy of what I absolutely cherish about artistic interior furnishing expression.  

So well stated on his website:  “Working with the pretext that the state of our consciousness is proportional to the quality of our relationship with nature, the focus of his work is to create simple and imaginative pieces which create connections between people and the natural world. His work is handcrafted and embodies a South African vernacular. It is also beautifully finished, functional and timeless.”

Strong, yet minimal in form…structured, yet open with the woven textures that I adore…hailing back to Hans Wegner with such respect  yet with a new, fresh perspective.  His workshop is in Cape Town, his products are available via a few international sources.  Simple breathtaking.

Found via the inspirational blog Elle Decoration.

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