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image via jana

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Featuring a bit of fashion, for it’s style, it’s lines, of shape, shade and shadow…all things I find so lovely. Wishing you a warmly rewarding weekend and sending smiles, creative energy and support to each and a to all.  

My baby girl starts pre-k in a week with her big sis in the 8th grade at the same school….time is flying and our hearts are full.









her talent, her eye, her take on it; quite refreshing and alluring…is there one that draws you attention?


images all via prop / set designer Chelsea Maruskin.

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image via photographer Tim Walker.

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I discovered this photo months ago; it’s Audrey Hepburn; it’s 50’s…but for me, it’s relaxing, yet stylishly chic.  Hoping you have a fabulous weekend….we’re celebrating the biscuit’s birthday party this weekend. It seems of late she is maturing so fast.  I am sure it’s just a mommy’s eyes…she got a new big girl bed, and it is so darling seeing her inside of it…we no longer have room for her rocking chair so sigh….it went to her brother’s room and we moved the one we had in there out…it was quite perfect timing because he thought he had gotten a brand new chair as he didn’t recognize it from her room, oh how I love that boy’s worldview.

I can’t connect this visual to these words, but maybe you see a connection?  I love the style of this photo and I am so incredibly blessed to be here and to have my life, my family and the love of my precious friends.


image via bob willoughby on flickr.  He’s a famous photographer and posted some of his unpublished works there; amazingly humble and rich with talent.

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86A quiet, quaint and cozy fort…time to connect with friends old and new…these are things I am wishing for. Gone are the days where personal freedom was simple, a colorful growing family does that….creativity is important in my work and in my personal life, in carving out opportunities to rejuvenate my soul…doesn’t this space seem so perfect for a lil respite…an overnight stay…it would be lovely to hear you knock and stop in for iced tea and shared laughter.


image via eclectic gipseyland on flickr.

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Another bit of ongoing visual interior inspiration today.  731contempkit2

clean open… the clear glass cabinet door inserts, horizontally placed cabinetry drawer pulls, thick square edge detailed island counter top, artistic ceramic square tiled backsplace, and simple modern decor.

731templatethe pop of cinnamon hued sleek modern sofa against a oatmeal colored palette, well placed cantilevered shelving and spot on black and white layers of casually placed photography….no base, sleek wood flooring; finished smartly with a pair of clean lined silk throw pillows.


parsons style vanity, matte porcelain brick sized backsplash tiles in chocolate with aligned joints, simple chartreuse accents, crisp and quietly appealing.


sleek tiled flooring, polished inset niche fit with up and down lit sconce, horizontal large rectangular tiled walls, sleek ebony flat panel cabinetry.

731contempkitsimple, tone on tone backsplash and countertop, attractive low profile split upper cabinetry, flat panel, inset detail between panels, contemporary cooktop hood placed in front of smartly back-tiled to the top wall. Decor accents are functional and complimentary to the space.731tilefp

appreciate the light and airy effect of sea-glass ceramic glazed brick sized tiles with staggered joints for fresh fireplace surround redo, attractive, built in mirror, and accents, simple, rich hues and organic textures/materials.  appreciate the gallery style photography display (artwork could have been a bit larger in scale).


balanced combination of materials and appreciate the wood flooring direction, suspended lighting, exposed steel beams, and generous natural light afforded from the large windows.


love the juxtaposition of the large scale fireplace draped in small slate/limestone (probably porcelain derivative) slithers for the fireplace surround and return, the low profile horizontal line fire insert and classic Knoll Barcelona chair.

All images are courtesy of Houzz.

I hope you are having a lovely week.  The weather has been so amazingly mild and enjoyable of late. Boyfriend and I spent the weekend organizing and cleaning our ever-challenging garage space.  We surprised AJ with a new big girl bed, and a special Diego potty seat for G.  We’re formally celebrating Arlise’ birthday this weekend, so my parents are coming to town and we are bound to have a wonderful celebration with our family and a few of her friends.  I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to. 

Peace :)

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