I discovered this photo months ago; it’s Audrey Hepburn; it’s 50’s…but for me, it’s relaxing, yet stylishly chic.  Hoping you have a fabulous weekend….we’re celebrating the biscuit’s birthday party this weekend. It seems of late she is maturing so fast.  I am sure it’s just a mommy’s eyes…she got a new big girl bed, and it is so darling seeing her inside of it…we no longer have room for her rocking chair so sigh….it went to her brother’s room and we moved the one we had in there out…it was quite perfect timing because he thought he had gotten a brand new chair as he didn’t recognize it from her room, oh how I love that boy’s worldview.

I can’t connect this visual to these words, but maybe you see a connection?  I love the style of this photo and I am so incredibly blessed to be here and to have my life, my family and the love of my precious friends.


image via bob willoughby on flickr.  He’s a famous photographer and posted some of his unpublished works there; amazingly humble and rich with talent.

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3 Comments so far

  1. naomi on August 7, 2009

    She always has such an effortless grace. I <3 her. Thanks for sharing.

  2. MsUnreliable on August 8, 2009

    There’s something so casual yet so refined about this photo – and it’s so rare to see that these two elements aren’t mutually exclusive!

    And is it just me, or does that lamp shade on the right have a mini-wine barrel base?! Am I seeing things? Did I drink too much wine perhaps?

  3. javajune on August 11, 2009

    This image says security and a life uncomplicated to me. I took you on an imaginary trip today- come see our sweet ride!

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