86A quiet, quaint and cozy fort…time to connect with friends old and new…these are things I am wishing for. Gone are the days where personal freedom was simple, a colorful growing family does that….creativity is important in my work and in my personal life, in carving out opportunities to rejuvenate my soul…doesn’t this space seem so perfect for a lil respite…an overnight stay…it would be lovely to hear you knock and stop in for iced tea and shared laughter.


image via eclectic gipseyland on flickr.

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7 Comments so far

  1. Rachel B. on August 6, 2009

    Oh MY! Can I please have my own gypsy caravan?? This is an amazing image. It makes me want to redecorate. : )

  2. naomi on August 6, 2009

    OMG. Gorgeous.

  3. Perideau Designs on August 6, 2009


  4. laurel on August 6, 2009

    Yes- respite indeed is lovely as are moments with friends..time goes too fast and furious, my head spins.

  5. javajune on August 7, 2009

    Oh I love this little boho cottage. It’s exactly what I wanted in my back yard instead I got a little 6×6 cedar cottage I call the love shack- I love that too. Not as chic and inspiring but cute sitting amongst my roses. Sending you wonderful thoughts of respite and love. Hope the b-day party was grand and oh yes the cupcakes-yum!

  6. Laurie March, EvangelistaLA on August 21, 2009

    Girl! lovely.

    You deserve a fort. Sometimes you have to make it out of couch pillows and a bath towel, instead of the sophistocated gypsy caravan you’ve got here.

    Make sure you take time for you! Love your site. Keep up the art.

  7. kerri on August 29, 2009

    i love anything gypsy-ish. what a sweet way to live.

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