I’ve been working on lighting for a few projects…these clients are on the contemporary end of the design spectrum.  Their spaces, however, are not architecturally modern per se, so it’s a balance to infuse clean contemporary lighting in the home while respecting its structural bones.

At first glance, these fixtures might appear overly sleek for many interiors, yet they work brilliantly in so many interior design venues as illustrated below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and preferences.





These fixtures are not for the faint at heart; they are investment pieces, works of art if you will. I look forward to sharing a bit more lighting as the week progresses, with a feature on sconces of the modern variety.

Until then, smile and thank you for being here.  We are experiencing a bit of fall weather today and I absolutely love it; boyfriend and I prefer this time of year over any other season; for some reason, it energizes me.  I love the actual change of season and all that comes with it.  G turns 3 years old this Saturday….He’s turning into such a magical, colorful, richly playful boy.  I can barely believe how lightning fast time has flown by since he blessed our lives and our home.

I’ll leave you with this thought for today, which I had in my inbox this morning and found particularly fitting.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all
the others.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero
106 BC – 43 BC, Politician, Orator and Philosopher

Lighting designers: foscarini, alturo alvarez, axoterzani, brand van egmond.

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918image by:  unknown (will source).

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Arlise is in her first month of real school—of the Pre-K variety.  She’s one of 11 in her class.  This week, she’s cubby monitor (monitors the supplies/extra clothes for each student in their plastic cubbies).  We talk nightly after story time, right before I tuck her in….she’s growing so fast and it is beautiful…I won’t lie, it tugs on my heart some days.

G is doing quite well being the lone soldier in his daycare; I think he’s the oldest right now and that is a nice change for him; he’s been following in AJ’s (or big sis Tay’s) footsteps since day one.  He turns 3 in two weeks.  His birthday party requests include blue cake, race cars, watermelon, suckers, dipping (onion or other variety), chips, balloons, horns, hot dogs and a basketball game.

They both had their annual appointments chock full of compliments from Dr. Kong and 3 shots each…shots, they probably stress me out more in anticipation than they hurt either child in actuality.  Boyfriend showed up in support for the vaccine portion, for which I am always grateful.  Both AJ  & G did well, recovered in minutes.

Life, it’s busy….busy, in a good way busy. (I have also experienced the not so good busy this year, the fearful, how will we do all this, how can we manage both being self employed in this market, busy).

Wishing I had more hours to do all that matters in my life…to do it in the volume and fashion that I have in my minds eye.  At days end, it just seems that something didn’t get addressed.  I’m so sorry that for too many days, it was blog posts and sharing.  I do have more to share, I promise.


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image courtesy of flak photo.


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I thought I’d end this week on a colorful note. It’s been an exciting week.  A few new design projects are starting in both commercial and residential venues, and all are allowing me to play with color…..thoughtfully and with my eye on style longevity.  Color is definitely been on my mind this week. Here’s a few inspiring photos to share as an offset to the neutral toned visuals I shared earlier this week.941942943944945

It’s a long weekend, and we’re looking forward to relaxing at home, having friends and family over, grilling and eating outdoors…..giggling with the lil ones.  Life just seems to sweep us up during the week…I feel like I barely get a chance to sit still and soak in the joy of my precious family.  Arlise has school projects to share, G boy is forever amazing me with his humor and perspective.  Tay will be joining us this weekend, which is always a treat.

Wishing each of you a lovely weekend.  Soak in what you most enjoy !!


All visuals via Mood, Villa Collection, a product line out of Denmark; just love their stylized online presence.

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I have been so remiss in sharing here; life, changes, babes in school land, babes in sick land, work, work, and more work have kept me from carving out time.  Here is a bit of visual inspiration….style can be so well accomplished with or without color—lack of color lends itself to tone on tone beauty and a play on finishes, a mix of underlying elements…all done so well in these examples.  These speak very literally to my innate aesthetic, in look, feel and layout.




All visuals via Mood, Villa Collection, a product line out of Denmark; just love their stylized online presence.  I do not recall where I found this collection.  If you recall seeing it recently, please remind me so I can give due credit.

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