I have been so remiss in sharing here; life, changes, babes in school land, babes in sick land, work, work, and more work have kept me from carving out time.  Here is a bit of visual inspiration….style can be so well accomplished with or without color—lack of color lends itself to tone on tone beauty and a play on finishes, a mix of underlying elements…all done so well in these examples.  These speak very literally to my innate aesthetic, in look, feel and layout.




All visuals via Mood, Villa Collection, a product line out of Denmark; just love their stylized online presence.  I do not recall where I found this collection.  If you recall seeing it recently, please remind me so I can give due credit.

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10 Comments so far

  1. Sam on September 2, 2009

    I love those silver candle holders…just gorgeous!

  2. naomi on September 2, 2009

    Gorgeous photos. I love the collection of white vases. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Heather on September 2, 2009

    i’m really into the white birch branches & such right now! i love your photos, jana, they make me smile :)

  4. laurel on September 2, 2009

    We very cool girlie- I adore nutrality in everything but people. Ahahaha!
    Love and a big huge hug!

  5. MsUnreliable on September 3, 2009

    So calm and soothing! And even though I’m usually quite anti-metallic, that first picture is divine! Swoon.

  6. Hijiri on September 8, 2009

    I love all the images! Very nice. I’m collecting all the white vases and ceramics little by little, this is inspiring! :)

  7. Chris on September 12, 2009

    LOVE this images! The white on white w/ a splash of wood and metal + the lovely danish style is gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing these!! :)

  8. shannon on September 14, 2009

    i love this whole set of images. the white, the wood, the greens, the metal, the open space, the light, the airy feel all so very yummy!

  9. jana on September 20, 2009

    Thank you ladies; I so appreciate all of your comments :)

    This feeling, it really does resonate w/ me and my taste !!

  10. Lana on September 20, 2009

    Such beautiful calming images!

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