texture, blended color and the beauty of materials shapely in form, finish and use.


Dirty roots and hues made amazing.


Nature in a hand stitched appearance with a custom selected subtle sea glass blue, Oh, thank you God.


The velvety goodness of petals in their graceful natural state.


A sprinkle of the likeness of spring…(it will come back around just after the sneeze).


Sensual rich color and sheen; a pouring of graceful goodness.


Of rugs, wool and silk…of woods, raw and finished….let’s leave the door open for creative energy to flow freely.

Lisa Cohen’s photography shows a seasoned take on all things visual, a passion, a maturity.  Her background as a stylist is reflected in her portfolio.  Please see more of Lisa’s talent here.  I am honored to reflect her eye, her take on the simple beauty of color, texture and light.


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  1. Kate England | Marmalade Moon on November 9, 2009

    Thank you for the design inspiration!

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