I hope your holiday season is going well and finding you surrounded by warmth, good food and good company.

I love the history and the designers that comprise the collection of Fredericia Furniture.  Old names, such as Hans J. Wegner, Borge Mogensen, Nanna Ditzel, and fresh design talent infused by the likes of Christina Strand, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, Peter Mogensen, Per Borre and Cecilie Manz.  Most of these designers are well known and deeply rooted in danish tradition.

The collaboration between the designers and Fredericia Furniture is based on a common passion for furniture design with a respect for quality.  These pieces illustrate a mastery of combining functional and aesthetics.

In their words, “Furniture that is needed and made to be used. Furniture that is a delight to the eye every day.”

I love the lines, the balance, the materials selection, the finishing quality.  These pieces would fold so well in both residential and commercial venues…..lovely vignettes.


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fab1lovely textiles via Fabricteria Maki, the lovely works of artist and designer Maki Yamamoto.

fab2Couture styled textiles and woven wall art….unique, rich and balancing at the same time.

fab3sexy, rich, eye catching and textural, these are lovely and suitable for your wall, window, bed or layering decoration.  Her work was originally influenced by a background in fashion…evident and appreciated.

fab4Her latest work, was inspired by lined drawings and depicts long loopy links of woven wool on linen—simple and creative—I love the top stitch detailing, the hand stitched feeling, the freeform relief that the fabric illustrates.  I found her latest works via my market guide for interior design magazine.


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gal11gal15gal3gal6gal14gal9gal8gal16Inspiration comes from so many sources for me….a consummate student of all things visual….blending of color, fabrics, textures and materials….a visual seeker of sorts.

Today, I’ll share a bit of runway fashion from John Galliano’s  recent runway show, his Ready to Wear 2010 line found via  I take it in as an overt example on what is fresh, and scale it back accordingly for future inspirational reference :)

Life is busy, life is full.  I am loving my family and holding my friends close….life is precious, life is fragile…honoring all that I have been given.

Keep your mind, heart, soul and spirit open…there is beauty in everything!

“The only limits are, as always, those of vision”                     James Broughton


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P1the walls, that is; amazing.  been working on a masculine palette; thoughts of texture, rich, deep colors, contrast and material mixes—the smooth and the rugged.

pwalls2fresh take on a classic color and material combination—new scale, smooth texture, raised relief;

p2a departure from depth with a feathery white flavor…who knew tires would compose so lovely herein?

pwalls3optimal balance….enough said;

pwalls4sometimes continual material is a brilliant answer to an age old question;

pwalls5perfection—narrowness and length topped with a solid of equal grace and depth; richness personafied;


all images via Mutina

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kai1seamless transition of neutral beauty via kaikai

kaikaisensual outdoor splendor, minimal yes, with brilliant style via kaikai

elsayoungjewel toned momentum, architectural movement….grounded in sleek hardscape selections

elsayoung2color fused with eloquence…quenched with quiet hardscape

both visuals via Elle Decoration

AVrich, subtle, brilliantly composed…neutrally speaking

av2light palette, emphasized and accomplished with thoughts on scale and edge detail

both visuals via International Architect Antonio Zaninovic (found via Elle Decoration)


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