janisdet2warmth of wool felt and rich pigments/prints and patterns, coupled with sweet whimsy

lovely composition and photography, care of Janis Nicolay.  an interiors and lifestyle photographer based out of Vancouver, BC. a pleasant gift to discover her work….so inspiring. exchanged emails with Janis…she couldn’t have been more lovely.

janis1sleek and minimalistic with the unexpected pop of color infused through the glass insert of the door element…..sunny to the nines

janis3juxtaposed crisp white against bold color reduced perfectly with butter toned design elements.

janisdet4appealing to my earnest desire for some quiet time, some comfy, warm and tactile stillness…an opportunity to rejuvenate the soul and contemplate what matters most….my family, friends, truth, love….acceptance of all that is.

appreciate the talent that I find myself discovering…Janis is no exception.

her client list is quite impressive featuring clients from national and international shelter magazines.

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  1. janis (pinecone camp) on December 14, 2009

    Well thank you Jana! What a lovely post, and sweet words. Have a great day!

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