125This cross was a gift from my lovely niece in law….love the texture, shape of the pieces, metal carvings and the finish.


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117It has been too long since I posted here.  Somehow in the pace that is my life, I ran out of blogging steam. This image, which I took with my new camera (over the moon excited about her), is a reminder of the power of play in my life; I watch my children lace play into every single thing that they do—it is as natural for them as breathing.  It bums me out that I forget to carve out time to play…with friends, with my children, with my husband, my family, and now, with my new camera.

I love being a mother, and I love creating spaces that people can enjoy….in order to have something to give back, I have to continue to replenish my soul…play is one way for me to do that.

Happy New Year (belated, I realize).  I’d love to hear what helps you keep up with all of the demands and the pace of your life?


image by:  jana

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