Having a ton of fun with my new camera….I love it!!  Enjoying some groups on flickr for kicks and giggles…have met some really lovely people recently, along with my precious unravelling friends.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and take time to smile :)

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Did you ask your soul what dreams it’s had lately?

Did you know all your dreams can come true?

The soul gets its dreams and it schemes

On the beams of the Other World’s light sifting through—–

(via Julia Cameron)

Have a great weekend.  It’s the first day of spring.  The weather has been brilliant…may your world be that way too.


image by:  jana

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Fun flickr thursday group; things I love thursdays.  this is a collage of images from my flickr favorites…other peoples shots; click on image for more information and all the photo credit…these photographers inspire me daily.

miss you.

busy life.

wish I had more balance.

want to share here more.

working on it.


peace and sunshine.

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