rediscovered this today via my flickr favorites.  it illustrates my wish for each of us, individually and collectively.  there is a lot of bad news right now.  we are in an new, unknown and sometimes scary time on so many levels.  i wish for an added measure of compassion, many people are suffering.  i know it’s not happy chat, positive verbage, inspiring footage; but it is real.  sometimes it feels like i am walking in a sea of people whose channels are really only clear when the topic is light and the mood is easy. this might be completely my stuff, and if so, i’ll figure that out. 

we can all add a bit to those around us by noticing, listening, responding and caring.

a person in my life is losing her home. she works out of her house, so she’s also losing her business, her livelihood.  she has no place to stay.  it is devastating. we are considering our home, but we have a full load in a small space. i’ve felt my share of the stresses of late; it’s hard to expand a business in the best of times, but when times get lean, it all falls on your shoulders and frankly, i am not very good at asking for help.  in the grand scheme of things, i haven’t experienced what many are going through .  wishing for lighter times, more resources, open and responsive hearts.

sending answers, peace and goodness to each and to all.


image from my flickr favorites, the lovely lepiaf.geo’s photostream.

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