1027C1027C21027luckygirl1027love1027heartC, I love you.  Your friendship and unique nature has made an immense difference in my life.  Please know how much I love you and am praying for your complete recovery and return to the life that you love. Words can’t describe how very much you mean to me and to my family.  Prayers, support, and complete appreciation for you, my dear friend.


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Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me………..was lost……was blind, but now I see…….

I wish:   to maintain an awareness of my blessings…..the sweet and the salty, the smooth and the rough….those that understand me and those that perplex me still…..each and every twist and turn teaches me….teaches me what I wish for and what I push against; all worthwhile lessons.  When the day is done, I continue to strive for acceptance….this song, it’s one of my favorites.

I wish: I could tell you that perspective came easy for me—I was a slow learner in matters of the heart and still am at times; some things might always confuse me.  I forget.

I wish:  to savor the joys of my world….to instill in my family a sense of their worth, their importance and my acceptance of their individual natures….this is easier some days that others.  I forget.

I wish: for peace, patience and  for graceful responses to all of life’s presentations.


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“She soon learned, though, that giving weight to other people’s opinions was creative nihilism; it was like being banished from the Land of No Words and exiled to the Land of All Bullshit.”

— Stephanie Kallos (Broken for You)

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86A quiet, quaint and cozy fort…time to connect with friends old and new…these are things I am wishing for. Gone are the days where personal freedom was simple, a colorful growing family does that….creativity is important in my work and in my personal life, in carving out opportunities to rejuvenate my soul…doesn’t this space seem so perfect for a lil respite…an overnight stay…it would be lovely to hear you knock and stop in for iced tea and shared laughter.


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Vision takes heart…connecting enhances….

I do have more outdoor visuals to share, so I will be returning soon.  Have a lovely day….take a moment to connect to your heart, your vision…to make space for what you wish for.


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