A bit of sweet, a smidgen of the soulful.  “I’m the moment between the striking and the fire.”

Working on a fun new client—-remodel, budget driven, but fun selections thus far…..clean lines and mixing materials, some of my favorite elements.  The artist, she’s Emiliana Torrini, the song,  Jungle Drum, just lovely, upbeat and playful :)

I hope you are having a refreshing start to a new week.  Peace !!

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I found this movie trailer for the 500 Days of Summer via the lovely Melissa’s Operation Nice. This trailer made me smile today.  The cinematography, the lighting….it’s seems like a perfect escape.  The movie comes out this summer, so stay tuned.  The tone of this trailer reminded me of one of my all time favorite movies, so I thought I’d share that clip with you as well.

 I continue to remember this film for so many reasons.  The script, the actors and the story line were all memorable and moving.  The set backdrop in so many scenes still lingers in my mind, for my love of all things vintage and immaculate color balance.  If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it.


pssst:  Tony and I have been known to refer to G as Nancy after his 50th emotional expression of the day—no, not to his face, silly.  If you judged me, we’ll know it and be dropping him off to stay the weekend.  You will then qualify to evaluate us :)

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