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I had planned to do an entire post showing before, during and after photos of the studio, which I will do at some point.  For today, I will show just a few of the photos shot by the lovely shannonkelli.

The design studio, a small space in downtown Walnut Creek, CA featuring a selection of furnishings, lighting, area rugs and accessories.  I also offer full scope interior design services in both residential and commercial venues throughout the bay area.

The majority of product featured in the studio is for sale, with a few exceptions on heirloom pieces or items I hold dear to my heart.

 The selection includes a combination of new, vintage as is, and vintage refurbished items.  All refurbishments were performed by professionals (wood refinishing, lacquer and upholstery).  For further inquiry, please comment below feel free to contact me directly via email.

As always, it is a pleasure having you here.  This has been a fairly rough week on a variety of fronts; your presence in my life has made it lighter and brighter…..and for that, I am very grateful.

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