The blessings that God has bestowed on my life are numerous….this lil girl is one of the biggest blessings of all.

She did not come quickly as we struggled to successfully conceive and carry our first baby for 2 1/2 years.

I’m realizing now how precious time is…how quickly it flies by…how much I want to soak in the gifts of my family.

Certain moments are better reminders than others of what really matters to me in my life.  Life gets busy, I find myself scattered, overwhelmed, and short on awareness.

May I continue to be humbled in parenting with love, awareness, an open mind and a wide open heart.


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G is turning 3 this Saturday.  I love this song, it’s amazing how my heart lives outside of my body now.  I heard this before becoming a mommy myself, but I never knew the love I would feel for our children—it’s a new, fresh, all encompassing, beautiful, painful and strength inducing kind of a love.

Guthrie has asked for more items in celebration of his birthday.  In case you had forgotten or are new here, I shared his list initially here.  Since then, he has added sand, boots, water and candy.  This is bound to be a colorful birthday party.

Arlise enlightened me this morning that all animals have to go to the doctor of their animal type, so only crabs can be doctors for crabs, lions to lions, etc.  She went on to say, ‘wait, mommy, fish can’t walk so how do they go to the doctor?’ I love their take on life; it makes me smile and warms my heart; it really is the little things that feed my soul.

I know this is a design blog, yet I love to also share my journey……these babies, they color it amazingly well :)


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i came across this image today; it made me think of planning AJ’s nursery…before she was born, when the mama in me wasn’t quite sure how it would all play out…it has played out so beautifully.  


she turns 4 years old on saturday…i cannot believe how fast time is flying and what an amazing little girl she is….so curious, so full of life, so fun…and busy….she starts pre-k in just over a month…..big girl stuff for her and for mama.  we’re formally celebrating in a couple of weeks when all of her favorites are available to sprinkle love on her day.

this pic was taken one morning when she was just under a year, i’m guessing.  notice the jammies are on backwards…our solution to her houdini tricks of the time….i love watching her grow and learn and explore each new phase of her life…but there is this part of me that wishes i could slow down time for a bit, to savor each stage just a wee bit longer….a mama can wish….she and her brother are growing up fast (with big sis tay entering 8th grade this year)….we’ll cherish each day…each and every day.


nursery image care of  elle decoration

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a gentle reminder, documented perspective of sorts.  i love my life.  we are so very blessed.  big girl worries make me forget this at times…i think i worry to feel responsible—silly, i know.  saturday, we played, we laughed, we painted, we went to the food store as AJ calls it…simple yes, but such a treat for them; trader joe’s has fruit water and samples.  we grilled hot dogs and ate dinner on the patio.  swings, water, gardening, outdoor play…their kitchen, their playhouse and running free. she pushes her lil brother and they get along swimmingly…i enjoyed their exchange.  they are together 24/7, and at 14 months apart, their patience for each other often wears thin…their love with it’s colors is also so strong.  i continue to ask for patience, guidance and strength to be a good mommy, to let them find their way. to let them fully experience what god has planned without my overprotective tendencies.  i want to embrace the messy, fast paced rhythm of raising toddlers with joy…let them breathe…and feel my presence…a delicate balance.

starting the week with a simple post, one to remind me of my blessings.  i’m listening to a tape series again. little rituals help settle my mind sometimes.  she talks about how no matter what is going on in our lives, we are either sitting, standing, or lying horizontally—no matter what our circumstances.  

here’s to smiling inside and out, and to knowing, god has a plan. how gracious are his blessings. here’s to experiencing joy in our moments.

it’s a pleasure being here. with you.  peace :)

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celebrated pop’s (boyfriend’s dad) 70th yesterday.  mommy day, grammy day. good food, cards, gifts, lil wonders.  AJ (gotta love the lip gloss) with pop in the midst opening his cards… hold those you love close, know their preciousness…I say this primarily to remind myself.

boyfriend and i are celebrating 7 years of marriage today.  time. time, it flies.  we’re busy. their little or maybe a bit bigger, but busy.  we’re both trying to navigate the waters of 2009, a year that is teaching us, and learning we are, not quite sure what but we’re learning, we’re devoted and we’re in it and i love him. he makes me want to be better in ways i am not, ways that come easy to him.  we don’t always want to but when we do, we make each other more, together, than we otherwise would be. 

my parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage at the end of this month…may God grant us that same privilege and may we treat it with similar regard.

this post, today, it’s the rooted part.  i’ve been blogging now for a few months and am gearing up to be more visible in my design presence here, that footprint is needed in order for me to manifest the professional presence I desire. must learn to illustrate and present my desires as a designer, as a woman of aesthetic expression.  this includes showing you the work I have done to date.  this is hard for me and I cannot explain much of the why.  part of it is the practical coordinating of after photos, my perfectionistic tendencies and the way i was raised; do. not. brag.  but really, it isn’t about me, or is it?  my serving clients is for them and i love it.  remind me of that, k.

but today, this post. means everything.  it’s the strong, solid, unwavering roots in my own lil family; i scraped, crawled, cried and tried to have roots in a relationship for much of my adult life; it came later than the story I would have written, but it came with the profound Grace of God in understanding what I needed.

and so it is now, in this new time, a business plan that eludes me.  show me grace in this day and in the days that follow when the knowing is foggy and i must stretch beyond what feels remotely natural or feasible.  each of you that stop and gaze and spend time here, you add a sprinkle of joy to my days.

may tony and i find a moment to just be, be for and with each other.  here’s to you my love, today and for always.

images by:  jana

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Taylor Nicole ‘tay’

Arlise Joelle ‘aj’

Guthrie Michael ‘g’

compassion. wisdom. patience and strength. stories and laughter and books at great length.  see i knew i was lucky to just have my mom.  but then i got married and another mom (in-law) came along.  his warm family welcomed me into the fold. tay was lil then, somewhat bashful, yet bold. i always stayed close to my family as well.  thought i was grateful, aware of my blessings. little did i know of the future and lessons.

life grew even richer with aj & g. now i know more deeply what mothering means. and i am still new, still learning, still green.  but nana and grammy they help me so much. with words and with wisdom with support and their love.  but what matters more and what makes me so blessed? the way they love our children, it’s precious, the best!  their love is different, less rules, and more sweets. it’s as it should, you see, grandmas are treats. our children are fortunate today as i write. i want you to know that my heart sings at night. for i know our children are so very loved. by nana and grammy, both wise and still young. relatively speaking as i’m sure you all know. for tay, aj & g have a lifetime to go.  but their lives have richness, great color…a spark. it’s grammy and nana like a day at the park.  i take this moment to send you huge hugs, to remind you of how lucky we feel for your love.  each memory is stamped on our hearts and our minds. we hope to pass on this love in kind. 

photos by:  jana

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Grace Chon, the name behind the lovely pet photography studio, Shine Pet Photos does rockin cool pet photography of the incredibly stylish variety.  Found her via one of my new hangouts, twitter.  I’m not sure exactly how I found her but I think it was via a follow Friday shout out, which is when people suggest fellow tweeters for you to follow (read their updates) based on some commonality (profession, personality, interests, lifestyle).

I was hesitant, no offense to pet photographers, but when I saw pet in her twitter name @ShinePetPhotos, I thought, hmmm, probably not the type of photography that I’m drawn to.  I have learned to check things out regardless of first instinct, and sure enough, I was blown away by her jaw dropping take on our four pawed pals and their owners.

Each photo is unique.  Grace describes her process best on her website by saying, “If you like studio lights and fake backdrops, I’m not the photographer for you.  I aim to capture your pet in their natural environment, in gorgeous natural light, doing their favorite things.”  

I think her take on capturing our pets is nothing short of brilliant.  Grace is a multi-talented busy lady. She also serves as an art director for an award winning ad agency in Los Angeles.

As if that isn’t enough, she spends part of her weekends taking headshots of dogs for the rescue group The Pawd Squad.

In addition, Grace maintains a blog as an offshoot of her photography website, where she shares, among other things, photos from her shoots, the process, the out takes, a bit about the experience.  You can soak in her methodology and get a great sense of her style, and of the unique pet/owner relationship she documents by spending a bit of time there.  

Grace Chon’s work quite frankly, is bound to make you come away smiling…regardless of the mood you were in when you clicked on her blog or her website.  Seriously, this is good stuff for the soul.  

Had I known this type of photography existed for pets, I would have certainly engaged her during the days of Hannah and her sister.

I had bookmarked Grace’s web pages to feature here, but it had slipped my mind of recent.  Today, while making my twitter rounds, I noticed that Darlene (another talent I’ll share with you in another post) of Flax & Spindle, was tweeting about something like.  ‘he snores,’….then right after that, ‘I think I’m in love.’  I remembered her sharing this and the light bulb went off…she got her puppy, her puppy, her freakin small, wonderful puppy breath having man pup face of a pug puppy.  So I replied to her and she sent me a link to this.  See how cool it is.  In this life of bills, overhead, deadlines and recession filled moments that can terrorize a self employed family, this, and this make all the difference.

Sometimes you cannot afford not to indulge in a photo session, just to remind yourself about what is important and how blessed you are. 

In some small way, this honors the four pawed friends that have graced my life and the lives of so many I love.  Thank you for being here.

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The last two weeks have been very hard. a heavy heart for fellow parents whose baby was taken too soon. sick babies. angry clients. money worries. big girl decisions about small paws that Loved her. loved her thru the full and the fogged in moons.  sick babies again. sick mommy and daddy. can’t breathe. can’t rest. thin patience. weak spirit.  awareness peaks through. truth arises.  sharing ensues. truth conveyed to two who know and love me. i confess. i have been beyond my limit for days now. drowning in a sea of people laughing and playing in the waves around me.  notice my hands, cuz i’m silent you see. 

rest will come.  Love allows it.  you drew in the sand around my soul as you aided me out of rough currents. i am blessed.  friends who fold my truth in their hands. gentle. attentive. the years of knowing them makes this so.


image Quicksand, via leipiaf.geo flickr.

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AJ and G are home with me today; our daycare provider is on the outs.  This morning Arlise told me I was boring, gotta love her honesty.  As I was putting her down for her nap, she said she wanted to stay home everyday, so I asked, ‘but I thought i was boring’, she said, ‘you were mommy, but you aren’t now.’ Imagine my relief. I mean really, say what you will, but boring, please please no, not boring.  

I’m trying to carve out time for more substantive, fun, creative posts here, but that time continues to elude me this week.  I’m working on a fun new client so I will plan to share more about that as things progress. Happy sunshine to you.

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Everyone has been sick in our household.  It started last week with ear infections and turned into a huge run with the stomach flu…it was fast and furious and we all got sick.  G and AJ are doing much better.  Tay came for Easter and ended up catching it.  

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this sick. Boyfriend (my husband) even went down for the count and he NEVER gets sick.   

I hope everyone is doing well, and I promise to be back soon to resume sharing with you.


photo via flak photo.

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