I thought it would be fun to suggest some lovely blog frolicking for a friday.  There are so many lovely blogs out there….I could spend all the hours of my days just playing and reading and finding new inspiration. Darlene, of the lovely flax and spindle shop, a mommy, a maker of lovely grain sack and french linen pillows and such, author’s a blog and is having a wonderful june giveaway…..please visit.

Oh my linen goodness.  This came in the mail last week.  It was a raffle prize during an online pajama party sponsored by a few lovely ladies, one of which authors my mommy manuel.  This dress, designed and made by Tyler of Periwinklebloom is sweeter than ever in person, and I cannot wait for AJ to wear it.  It can so nicely packaged with a lovely note.

Cuter than toast image found via Nina’s lovely blog.  

This lil jewel of wisdom is brought to you by the lovely Laurel…I encourage you to visit her blog…she sprinkles sunshine, laughter and a bit of childlike wonder on a daily basis.  

I might do one more post before the weekend is out as I didn’t get to be here as much as I would have liked this week…where does the time go.  Have a lovely day, spread smiles, it really is contagious.

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I’d like to think I am woman of substance, but sometimes, that includes mind numbing, funny, light hearted reality TV.  For me, it is a better alternative to nightly crime drama.  I really enjoyed 24, season 1, but my nervous system can’t tolerate the aspect of ever-escalating suspense.  Last season, I found myself watching the Rachel Zoe Project. There was a lot about the show that I enjoyed.  One of her signature phrases from season 1 was “I die.”  She used this phrase when one of her clients hit her fashion mark, when she uncovered a vintage must have on one of her shopping sprees, or when viewing new pieces from one of her favorite designers.  I think she has literally trademarked the phrase or something along those lines, so let’s hope I don’t get sued.  But, today, I die.

B&B Italia is a world famous Italian label of modern furniture and decor.  They are known for their mastery of clean lined Italian design.  The sunshine brings with it an inkling for an outdoor furnishings fix. We will be redoing the back portion of the studio this spring, and although we aren’t in a position to invest in this level of product, their cleaned line pieces are worthy of review.  I did not remember how phenomenal some of the more recent works were.  Again, I die.

This Crinoline line was designed by Patricia Urquiola in 2008. Born in Spain, she now works out of her studio in Milan and has designed for huge international labels such and Kartell, Moroso, Boffi, Molteni, and Knoll are among them.  This line of arm chairs and seats vary in scale and height, each shape is distinctively modern. The black and bronze or black and white dual colored frame weaves are offset so well against the natural fiber or bronze string.  One of my more current crushes involves cut out details in just about anything for furnishing and decor and these pieces are no exception.

Another collection of Patricia’s is the Ravel collection.  Similar construction techniques, materials and color options result in extraordinary texture and balance.  I am loving the black/bronze marriage of the frame materials. (as shown).

The dying doesn’t stop there.  Can you die more than once in a day?  A self professed sucker for texture, white lacquer and the shores of Big Sir, imagine my gasp upon seeing these little numbers.  These outdoor “reels” are comprised of polyester coated aluminum frames wrapped in rope.  The simple yet intricate nature of the work and it’s sophistication amazes me.  

My final B & B Italia outdoor feature for today is The White Collection, designed by Marcel Wanders.  These are larger scale outdoor glazed ceramic pieces with the perfect balance of clean and sexy.  Marcel is best known for his Happy House Chandelier launch.  His studio also designs for many of the top international design houses, including, Bisazza, Flos, Vitra and the like.

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Las Vegas Market seemed a bit slower in February than the market this past summer and the vibe was noticeably down.  It was apparent to me that the economy is taking a toll on vendors and their representatives.  This was my second visit to Market in Vegas, an ever growing furniture market on the West Coast.  

One of the vendors, Phillips Collection has an interesting array of products, their large scale pieces work well in select residential projects, larger hospitality projects and certain contract clientele.  Their showroom space illustrated some repetition from summer market, with some interesting new product introductions.  Overall, their pieces seemed grander to huge compared to what I had remembered.

One of their signature products is free form wood console and side tables.  These pieces are incredible in person, each one unique in shape, size, wood type and footprint.  The use of strong, natural elements in thoughtful moderation is a perfect addition to many interiors.

 I wanted to share a selection of visuals that illustrate the balance of organic free form wood elements offset against cleaner, simpler elements.

See full post here

See Grace’s writeup here

In closing, I’ve added a mix of the other items  that Phillip Collection offers; they have a mix of products including furnishings, wall decor, mirrors, sculpture, lighting, accessories and outdoor decor.

I am drawn to the sculptured, cut out lighting, and the back hole chair is masculine, yet sexy somehow. The Frog table is a nice scale, reflects a playfulness evident in some of their items.  Their newest releases are not available for visual download as of yet, but I’ll follow up and keep you posted.

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