Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything.     Ranier Maria Rilke

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428we spent some time in morro bay with my parents :)  it was sweet and special.  I snuck out to fetch coffee and snap a few pictures in the morning light on the docks near our hotel.  It’s amazing  how sunshine brings life to the simplest things…although the spider would not call his work simple :)

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0407blogSo remiss in being here.  I am having a huge love affair with my camera :)

These were taken at bancroft gardens in walnut creek at dusk.   The gardens are so wonderful, housing primarily succulents.  I think they are short staffed, as the area appears to need a bit of grooming and loving.  It’s evident, however, how very long some of the plants have had a home there.  If you love succulents like I do, it’s worth a walk through.


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Did you ask your soul what dreams it’s had lately?

Did you know all your dreams can come true?

The soul gets its dreams and it schemes

On the beams of the Other World’s light sifting through—–

(via Julia Cameron)

Have a great weekend.  It’s the first day of spring.  The weather has been brilliant…may your world be that way too.


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Fun flickr thursday group; things I love thursdays.  this is a collage of images from my flickr favorites…other peoples shots; click on image for more information and all the photo credit…these photographers inspire me daily.

miss you.

busy life.

wish I had more balance.

want to share here more.

working on it.


peace and sunshine.

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224The blending of unlikely colors and materials…..this appeals to me, in life and in my work :)


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inbetween2I believe the right question to ask, respecting all ornament, is simply this; was it done with enjoyment, was the carver happy while he was about it?
John Ruskin

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janisdet2warmth of wool felt and rich pigments/prints and patterns, coupled with sweet whimsy

lovely composition and photography, care of Janis Nicolay.  an interiors and lifestyle photographer based out of Vancouver, BC. a pleasant gift to discover her work….so inspiring. exchanged emails with Janis…she couldn’t have been more lovely.

janis1sleek and minimalistic with the unexpected pop of color infused through the glass insert of the door element…..sunny to the nines

janis3juxtaposed crisp white against bold color reduced perfectly with butter toned design elements.

janisdet4appealing to my earnest desire for some quiet time, some comfy, warm and tactile stillness…an opportunity to rejuvenate the soul and contemplate what matters most….my family, friends, truth, love….acceptance of all that is.

appreciate the talent that I find myself discovering…Janis is no exception.

her client list is quite impressive featuring clients from national and international shelter magazines.

Pssst, Janis also has a blog


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texture, blended color and the beauty of materials shapely in form, finish and use.


Dirty roots and hues made amazing.


Nature in a hand stitched appearance with a custom selected subtle sea glass blue, Oh, thank you God.


The velvety goodness of petals in their graceful natural state.


A sprinkle of the likeness of spring…(it will come back around just after the sneeze).


Sensual rich color and sheen; a pouring of graceful goodness.


Of rugs, wool and silk…of woods, raw and finished….let’s leave the door open for creative energy to flow freely.

Lisa Cohen’s photography shows a seasoned take on all things visual, a passion, a maturity.  Her background as a stylist is reflected in her portfolio.  Please see more of Lisa’s talent here.  I am honored to reflect her eye, her take on the simple beauty of color, texture and light.


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Arlise is in her first month of real school—of the Pre-K variety.  She’s one of 11 in her class.  This week, she’s cubby monitor (monitors the supplies/extra clothes for each student in their plastic cubbies).  We talk nightly after story time, right before I tuck her in….she’s growing so fast and it is beautiful…I won’t lie, it tugs on my heart some days.

G is doing quite well being the lone soldier in his daycare; I think he’s the oldest right now and that is a nice change for him; he’s been following in AJ’s (or big sis Tay’s) footsteps since day one.  He turns 3 in two weeks.  His birthday party requests include blue cake, race cars, watermelon, suckers, dipping (onion or other variety), chips, balloons, horns, hot dogs and a basketball game.

They both had their annual appointments chock full of compliments from Dr. Kong and 3 shots each…shots, they probably stress me out more in anticipation than they hurt either child in actuality.  Boyfriend showed up in support for the vaccine portion, for which I am always grateful.  Both AJ  & G did well, recovered in minutes.

Life, it’s busy….busy, in a good way busy. (I have also experienced the not so good busy this year, the fearful, how will we do all this, how can we manage both being self employed in this market, busy).

Wishing I had more hours to do all that matters in my life…to do it in the volume and fashion that I have in my minds eye.  At days end, it just seems that something didn’t get addressed.  I’m so sorry that for too many days, it was blog posts and sharing.  I do have more to share, I promise.


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