sundrenched, warm and reflective

wispy, tickles and giggles

textured smoothness underfoot, comfort, open space, light filled folds

a quiet stretch, reminders of what matters most, young arms, the smell of summer, late nite walks

spacial awareness, visual cues, the ting tings, balanced priorities, utter freedom

how quiet reads of richness, taste with subtle smacks of creative knowing

jackie o’ so sexy o’ yes yes yes

a minimalistic take on the pretty… still very pretty

of secrets and sweet memories

a gentle reminder to play, play well and play often…for…ever and ever….amen

memories of aunt kris, amusement parks, a lot happened then…a lot that shaped me…..

of sunset, of then and now….of what’s yet to come….soaked in it, soaked in gratitude

photography via jason ierace found via desire to inspire.

I’m feeling particularly grateful this week.  We spent a long weekend with boyfriend’s extended family here from WA state…we had a so much fun celebrating 3 decade birthdays, (Megan is 30, Fran is 40 and Pop is 70).  We had an incredible time in Santa Cruz and it was AJ and G’s first experience on amusement rides—they loved it…AJ even did the haunted house :)  Life is rich and we are blessed…I am in the knowing of that this week…thanks for blessing me with being here, it really does mean a lot to me.  I’m rich in blessings and love beyond my wildest of wild dreams…God is gracious.

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your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize.  your words are the greatest power you have.  the words you choose and use establish the life you experience               

                                                                                                                                              sonia choquette


sorry for the funky blog loading the last couple of days.  newbie here; didn’t realize picture sizes were bogging the blog. funny the terms we use today. fraps, tweets, IM’s, flickr, etsy, DM’s,  blip, um, what? 

today’s visual is my apology. i added a thought about words.  oh, and remember to smile. someone once said smiling adds days, weeks, months, years to our lifespan. at a minimum, it makes each moment a bit brighter. your smile, it makes me smile.

image by fritz henle via

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Taylor Nicole ‘tay’

Arlise Joelle ‘aj’

Guthrie Michael ‘g’

compassion. wisdom. patience and strength. stories and laughter and books at great length.  see i knew i was lucky to just have my mom.  but then i got married and another mom (in-law) came along.  his warm family welcomed me into the fold. tay was lil then, somewhat bashful, yet bold. i always stayed close to my family as well.  thought i was grateful, aware of my blessings. little did i know of the future and lessons.

life grew even richer with aj & g. now i know more deeply what mothering means. and i am still new, still learning, still green.  but nana and grammy they help me so much. with words and with wisdom with support and their love.  but what matters more and what makes me so blessed? the way they love our children, it’s precious, the best!  their love is different, less rules, and more sweets. it’s as it should, you see, grandmas are treats. our children are fortunate today as i write. i want you to know that my heart sings at night. for i know our children are so very loved. by nana and grammy, both wise and still young. relatively speaking as i’m sure you all know. for tay, aj & g have a lifetime to go.  but their lives have richness, great color…a spark. it’s grammy and nana like a day at the park.  i take this moment to send you huge hugs, to remind you of how lucky we feel for your love.  each memory is stamped on our hearts and our minds. we hope to pass on this love in kind. 

photos by:  jana

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AJ and G are home with me today; our daycare provider is on the outs.  This morning Arlise told me I was boring, gotta love her honesty.  As I was putting her down for her nap, she said she wanted to stay home everyday, so I asked, ‘but I thought i was boring’, she said, ‘you were mommy, but you aren’t now.’ Imagine my relief. I mean really, say what you will, but boring, please please no, not boring.  

I’m trying to carve out time for more substantive, fun, creative posts here, but that time continues to elude me this week.  I’m working on a fun new client so I will plan to share more about that as things progress. Happy sunshine to you.

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I found this movie trailer for the 500 Days of Summer via the lovely Melissa’s Operation Nice. This trailer made me smile today.  The cinematography, the lighting….it’s seems like a perfect escape.  The movie comes out this summer, so stay tuned.  The tone of this trailer reminded me of one of my all time favorite movies, so I thought I’d share that clip with you as well.

 I continue to remember this film for so many reasons.  The script, the actors and the story line were all memorable and moving.  The set backdrop in so many scenes still lingers in my mind, for my love of all things vintage and immaculate color balance.  If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it.


pssst:  Tony and I have been known to refer to G as Nancy after his 50th emotional expression of the day—no, not to his face, silly.  If you judged me, we’ll know it and be dropping him off to stay the weekend.  You will then qualify to evaluate us :)

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