AJ and G are home with me today; our daycare provider is on the outs.  This morning Arlise told me I was boring, gotta love her honesty.  As I was putting her down for her nap, she said she wanted to stay home everyday, so I asked, ‘but I thought i was boring’, she said, ‘you were mommy, but you aren’t now.’ Imagine my relief. I mean really, say what you will, but boring, please please no, not boring.  

I’m trying to carve out time for more substantive, fun, creative posts here, but that time continues to elude me this week.  I’m working on a fun new client so I will plan to share more about that as things progress. Happy sunshine to you.

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I have to run out for a client consult, but wanted to post a lil somethin special.  Our girl took her first ballet class yesterday.  Mommy was completely misty, snapping pics the entire time.  I had fun playing with a new faux polaroid toy found here.  I have seen this talked about on other blogs, but saw it again today via myturtleneck.  This lil biscuit (and her brother) warm my heart, add color and texture to my world beyond what I could have ever imagined, yep, it’s better than that.

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I’ve been a working interior designer since 1998; prior to that I lived in the world of CPA’s and business consultants; it’s amazing I made it out alive.  Those skills come in handy with my design clients.

I took an interest in design blogs while coming out of the fog after having AJ and then G (14 months later).

The focus of my business had taken a back seat initially to ttc and ultimately to caring for two babies–our blessings come in waves.  The journey was unimaginably difficult and beautiful, but that’s a topic for another post (or not).  One of the first blogs I stumbled upon is authored by the lovely Victoria.  

Instantly intrigued, I read, and read, soaking in her visuals; my favorite kind of reading.  I emailed Victoria about how she started blogging,  who had done her banner, and a few other questions.  She was generous in referring me to the sweetest talent ever.

Victoria shared her love for Heart Fish on her blog.  Hijiri Shepherd, has helped with every aspect of this blog design–we collaborated on the design, color scheme, textures, including additional collateral material for my design business, studio and store front.  She knew I wanted an organic yet feminine professional image, and she secretly uploaded a photo from our succulent garden via my flickr photostream.

What resulted is this logo, for the design arm of my business—the color, texture and use of negative space—are all spot on for me.  This project is a great example of the power of technology.  Hijiri was living in San Francisco when we initially connected.  She has since moved to Brooklyn.  All of our project work has been done online or by phone.  I would highly encourage anyone looking to expand their business or define their online presence with a website, blog, collateral material, or other graphic design material to use Hijiri K Design Studio.  I’ll be forever grateful for her spirit, patience, talent and heart. Hijiri’s ventures are expanding as well, more recently through new work of the letterpress variety; see some of her treasures featured in her etsy shop and more here.

It’s been an arduous process getting started, my end of it– this is so new to me–I’m a perfectionist and quite unfamiliar with the tools used to share interior design online.  My hope is that this blog will be a venue for sharing, connecting, learning and laughing along the way.  I welcome comments and emails.

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