I’m side tracked with client work today so I don’t have a lot of time, and blogging takes me time, cuz you see, I am new at this, and this new skill requires more left brained strength than I can muster on creative days.  I am grateful for all aspects of my work (ok, almost).

Here’s a photo I snapped this morning.  People sometimes ask where my inspiration for color palette’s on design projects comes from.  When I was in design school, I began noticing much more color, texture and balance of both by opening my eyes to it in my daily activities.  I remain committed to the exercise of noticing; it adds a lot to my mental library for current and future design work, and just happens to be something I thoroughly enjoy.


I created a sample color palette from this photo, using the eyedrop tool in photo shop to select colors from this succulent vignette.  I decided not to trim away the dried portions of our planter prior to taking this shot, as those pieces add to the richness of the dark end on the color spectrum.

As always, I so appreciate you coming by; comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.  I am not a photographer, and do not have very sophisticated equipment.  Bear with me, I hope to get better at illustrating my ideas via photos for this blog as I progress; baby steps, am taking baby steps.

I’ll leave you with another photo, a burst of color and light, these bursts boost my mood when the days are cloudy and nature’s colors are hibernating.

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