The last two weeks have been very hard. a heavy heart for fellow parents whose baby was taken too soon. sick babies. angry clients. money worries. big girl decisions about small paws that Loved her. loved her thru the full and the fogged in moons.  sick babies again. sick mommy and daddy. can’t breathe. can’t rest. thin patience. weak spirit.  awareness peaks through. truth arises.  sharing ensues. truth conveyed to two who know and love me. i confess. i have been beyond my limit for days now. drowning in a sea of people laughing and playing in the waves around me.  notice my hands, cuz i’m silent you see. 

rest will come.  Love allows it.  you drew in the sand around my soul as you aided me out of rough currents. i am blessed.  friends who fold my truth in their hands. gentle. attentive. the years of knowing them makes this so.


image Quicksand, via leipiaf.geo flickr.

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